Jordan Gill buzzing about Sheffield showcase in front of 11,000 on under card of Kell Brook’s world title bout

Jordan Gill (left) training in Spain.

Jordan Gill (left) training in Spain. - Credit: Archant

Jordan Gill is taking hundreds of fans with him to Sheffield on Saturday ... and he says they are in for one hell of a show.

Jordan Gill sparring ahead of his bout.

Jordan Gill sparring ahead of his bout. - Credit: Archant

The undefeated 20 year-old is boxing Barrington Brown on the under card of Kell Brook’s world title bout.

Gill says he has been “absolutely smashing” every training session and can’t wait to show off his skills in front of 11,000 people.

He said: “This is the first time I’ve had a 12 week training camp for a fight. It has been good to get that under my belt early in my career.

“I’ve trained alongside Kell Brook in every session. I’ve been pushing him, he’s been pushing me. I know what dedication and focus it takes to prepare for a big fight.” Gill says he is determined to put on a show against Brown. Whatever his “slick” opponent throws at him, he’ll be able to handle.

He said: “I’ve not seen any footage of him. I’ve heard he’s a slick fighter if you give him time but, whatever he throws at me on the night, I’ll be able to deal with.

“My opponents will try and take my head off, but that’s what I like. They’ll leave themselves exposed. We’re going to see some knock outs and it will not be my head hitting the floor.

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“The way I’ve been training, you could put anybody in the ring and I’ll hunt them down. I’ve been absolutely smashing every session in the gym. I’m ready.”

Gill doesn’t turn 21 until July but he has already amassed 12 wins. He is convinced great things are on the horizon.

He said: “I want hard fights. I’m never one to do things the easy way. I’m ready for all comers.

“My sparring partners have been Kid Galahad, Leigh Wood and Kell Brook, that’s priceless experience.

“In the next 12 to 18 months you are going to see me in some big fights.

“I’m only 20, I’m still a baby. Everyone wants me to push on. I feel ready, everyone know’s I’m ready - it’s just a matter of time.”