Live out your golfing fantasies at Peterborough Virtual Golf in Whittlesey

Ever dreamt about teeing off at Pebble Beach? Or wished you didn’t spend all afternoon in the cold and wet hunting for another lost ball? If the answer to either question is yes - then Peterborough Virtual Golf is definitely the place for you.

As a keen golfer who has never had the talent, nor the confidence, to fully-enjoy the delights of one of the world’s most popular sports, the thought of completing an 18-hole course has always filled me with dread.

However, the modern and welcoming surroundings of Robin Rawlings’ brainchild immediately makes any novice - and yes I am one - feel at ease.

The centre in Funthams Lane, Kingsdyke in Whittlesey, certainly isn’t just for beginners though. Even the best of golfers will love it.

Three big screens with three separate bays allow players, or groups, to live out their golfing fantasies - even if it really couldn’t be any more life-like.

Using the latest technology from High Definition Golf in Canada you feel as if you are actually playing the world’s best courses. And the best part is you don’t have to walk miles, tackle weather conditions or spend thousands of pounds to do so.

And no, it’s not like the Nintendo Wii. This is real imagery. Real rounds. Using real golf clubs. Hitting real balls. It’s absolutely incredible.

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Basically - for the less technological amongst us, you hit balls at a screen - which shows a projected image - and watch as your ‘virtual’ golf ball travels in the exact way it would if you were out in the open.

It’s modern technology at its finest. For the sceptics it can even improve your game with incredibly accurate shot-data being made available after each swing - something you simply don’t get while playing in the open.

With a number of skill challenges and light-hearted games there’s something for all ages, and unlike outdoor golf, the centre can be fully-enjoyed whatever the weather.

It’s well-worth booking a slot in advance because food and drinks - yes alcoholic - are served all day. With Sky TV and a comfortable bar area the centre has already become the ideal venue for stag nights and corporate events during the three months it’s been open.

Despite my attempts, words will never do Peterborough Virtual Golf enough justice. It’s simply breathtaking and really does has to be seen to be believed.