Runners take scenic route to close out 2021 for March AC

March AC runners ready for New Year's Eve 10k

March AC runners ready for a New Year's Eve 10k at Ferry Meadows in Peterborough. - Credit: March AC

For March AC runners, it was a scenic end to 2021 as they closed out the year with a short trip to Ferry Meadows in Peterborough. 

Twenty club runners took on the hilly and soggy course on New Year's Eve, which can leave runners feeling queasy as it undulates up and down.  

Andy Cole finished first for March in a time of 40:13:10. 

Kanina O’Neil was first lady in a time of 41:52:10, while Simon Neville and Megan Saunders both made their club debuts. 


Advance Performance 10k - Peterborough 

Andy Cole 40:13:10; Kanina O’Neil 41:52:10; Steve Robinett 42:08:10; Barry Head 45:46:20; Ryan Jarvis 46:38:10; Michelle Prior 46:47:60; Walter Beldom 47:27:90; Phil Beldom 48:45:10; Jon Long 50:32:70; James Arran 51:19:60; Simon Neville 51:29:40 Sue Jolly 53:07:20; Dawn Ball 53:37:80; Andrew Harwin 54:02:20; Sonia Witham 58:22:80; Victoria May 58:24:10; Megan Saunders 1:01:18:10; Karen Dando 1:01:28:50; Carole Davis 1:07:34:90; Jo Anderson Wenn 1:13:34:90.