Athletics: March AC members make mark at home and abroad

March AM members at the Frostbite League event

March AM members at the Frostbite League event - Credit: Archant

March AC members were in action at home and abroad, in contrasting styles, at the weekend.

Nina Markillie ran a warm marathon at the Lanzarote International in 5:17, as Phil Beldom (1:48) and Malcolm Hunt (2:04) completed the half marathon.

Sunday saw a team finish sixth at the third Frostbite League race of the season at Hinchingbrooke Park to remain fourth overall.

The junior team finished ninth on the day and are 10th in the current standings.

Seniors: Dave Burgess 30.07; Luke Brown 32.01; Andy Cole 33.09; Robin Wright 33.39; Toni Alcaraz 34.11; Mick Stacey 34.41; Andrew Wool 34.51; Andrew Wool 34.51; Wayne Stimson 35.17; Daniel Barber 36.25; Liam Lambert 36.47; Mark Salmons 37.36; Sean Stacey 37.40; Rhys Davies 38.10; Karen Patterson 39.59; Alan Brown 39.18; Megan Ayling 40.12; Jon Long 41.05; Hugh Harris 41.12; Bryan Newman 41.40; Tina Lambert 42.25; Kathryn Brand 47.30; Diane Brown 48.18; Tracey Dickerson, Michelle Fovarage 50.23.

Juniors: Louis Benningfield 9.42; Archie Bullman 11.08; Vinnie Quinlan 11.38; Serge Lambet 12.39; Oliver Harding 12.55; harry Cook 13.12; Edie Wilkinson 13.44; Holly Cook 13.47.