March AC members ‘relay’ pleased with Hereward performance

March Athletics Club after the Herewald Relay

March Athletics Club after the Herewald Relay - Credit: Archant

March Athletics Club members pulled on their running shoes and took part in this year’s Hereward Relay.

The four stage relay race from Peterborough to Ely, sponsored by MKM Building Supplies Kings Lynn, covered almost 40 cross country miles across Cambridgeshire on Sunday November 22.

The first stage of the run took place from Peterborough to Whittlesey, stage two from Whittlesey to March , stage three from March to Welney, and finally stage four from Welney to Ely.

110 teams from all over the country completed the course, with six running from March.

It has become customary for clubs with more than one team to give a title to each team running for their club, with the first team home for the club duly named ‘Billy are we lost yet?’ completed the race in four hours 35 minutes and six seconds placing them 24th overall.

Times for March

1st Team 24th “Billy are we lost yet” Stage 1 Lee Carey 42.02 (24th) Stage 2 Billy Bremner 1.10.49 (25th) Stage 3 Jonathan Farrow 1.30.51 (62nd) Stage 4 Michael Salter 1.11.24 (31st)

Most Read

2nd Team 45th “The Map Readers” Stage 1 Gaelle Bryant 55.35 (87th) Stage 2 Simon Render 1.19.25 (56th) Stage 3 Tim Boyd 1.31.09 (63rd) Stage 4 Mick Stacey 1.09.54 (26th)

3rd Team 56th “In Time “ Stage 1 Justin Elvidge 44.01 (30th) Stage 2 Brian Harding 1.21.59 (67th) Stage 3 Mark Darlow 1.36.55 (86th) Stage 4 Kevin Barnes 1.21.36 (61st)

4th Team 105th “Smilers People” Stage 1 Fay Scrivener 57.27 (93rd) Stage 2 Tom Orr 1.31.38 (87th) Stage 3 Scott Bywater 2.06.56 (108th) Stage 4 Phil Beldom 1.23.29 (69th)

5th Team 108th You’re ‘Avin a Laugh Stage 1 Nina Markillie 1.04.04 (106th) Stage 2 Michelle Seward 1.34.39 (96th) Stage 3 Mark Oakerbee 1.56.45 (107th) Stage 4 Emma Carey 1.38.15 (104th)

6th Team 109th “Ladies Who Lunch” Dawn Veal 55.04 (85th) Stage 2 Michelle Seward 1.34.39 (96th) Stage 3 Suzanne Orr 2.20.35 (110th) Stage 4 Amy Ellis 1.38.29 (105th)