March AC move on up after strong Frostbite League weekend

March AC junior runners at Bourne Woods Lincolnshire

March AC's junior runners moved up in the Frostbite League after a strong weekend. - Credit: March AC

Both March AC teams moved up their respective divisions with one more race to go in the Frostbite League. 

Runners endured a true cross-country experience at Bourne Woods in Lincolnshire for the fifth of six races on Sunday. 

March fielded 29 seniors and 11 juniors, who came home in fifth and sixth respectively. 

Glen Watts shone for the seniors in second place, while Kanina O’Neil led the way for the ladies. 

Luke Cumbridge ran strongly to take fourth spot, while Sacha Bland was first girl home. 

The results lift the seniors into sixth in the league, as the juniors move up to eighth. 

The final race of the Frostbite League season is on March 13 at Jubilee Park, Huntingdon. 

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2nd Glen Watts 28:17; 25th Andy Cole 32:21; 38th Steve Robinett 33:49; 43rd Kanina O’Neil 34:04; 60th Dean Markillie 35:12; 63rd Mick Stacey 35:41; 78th Henrik Stoner 36:30; 94th Tim Bramer 37:43; 96th Andrew Wool 37:53; 117th Walter Beldom 39:02; 120th Phil Beldom 39:18; 135th Jon Long 40:09; 136th Paul Revell 40:17; 143rd Karen Patterson 40:48; 150th James Arran 41:10; 153rd Michelle Prior 41:31; 154th Justin Showell 41:36; 163rd Kevin Steward 42:13; 178th Tina Lambert 53:08; 183rd Bryan Newman 43:51; 197th Alan Brown 44:46; 202nd Sue Jolly 45:02; 213th Sean Smith 46:04; 217th Mike Blackledge 46:20; 218th Sonia Witham 46:20; 241st Malcolm Hunt 49:33; 261st Graeme Dedman 52:38; 269th Kay Dedman 54:07; 281st Deb Watts 57:51. 


4th Luke Cumbridge 8:36; 17th Archie Bullman 9:30; 28th Matthew Baker 9:49; 30th Serge Lambert 9:51; 35th Matthew Cumbridge 10:09; 48th Sacha Bland 10:51; 51st Archie McClure 10:56; 52nd Roxum O’Neil 10:59; 63rd Luke Royston 11:54; 66th Daniel Hammond 12:02; 69th Evelyn Dimock 12:07.