March AC runners push themselves to the limit to help club achieve top 10 Round Norfolk Race finish

March AC runners at the Round Norfolk Relay.

March AC runners at the Round Norfolk Relay. - Credit: Archant

March AC claimed a top ten finish at the gruelling Round Norfolk Relay.

Seventeen club runners did stages as they completed the 196 mile course in an impressive 24 hours nine minutes, coming 10th overall out of 51 teams.

Jevan Robertson won first prize in the junior male category for stage 17, Debra Wait won first lady prize for stage 12, Geraldine Larham was third lady home in stage eight and 15 year old Luke Fenner, in his first relay, came fifth in stage three.

Results: Stage 1 Paul Hensby 16.81 miles, 1.58.01, (12th); Stage 2 Andrew Fulcher 14.06 miles, 1.51.54 (31st); Stage 3 Luke Fenner 5.76 miles, 41.16 (8th); Stage 4 Mark Salmons 11.14 miles, 1.25.33 (23rd); Stage 5 Lee Carey 10.81 miles, 1.20.13 (14th); Stage 6 Simon Render 7.9 miles 55.26 (10th); Stage 7 Andrew Larham 9.24 miles, 1.01.36 (12th); Stage 8 Geraldine Larham 7.52 miles 52.49 (16th); Stage 9 Billy Bremner 17.86 miles, 2.03.33 (15th); Stage 10 Mick Stacey 14.67 miles, 1.46.26 (16th); Stage 11 Rik Ware 12.45 miles, 1.35.50, (24th); Stage 12 Debra Wait 19.67 miles, 2.24.00 (14th); Stage 13 Simon Oldfield 13.25 miles, 2.01.25 (47th); Stage 14 Justin Elvidge 7.27 miles, 56.13 (22nd); Stage 15 Karen Patterson 10.59 miles 1.16.32 (19th); Stage 16 Jevan Robertson 5.49 miles, 33.37 (2nd); Stage 17 Wayne Stimson 11.73 miles, 1.25.14 (24th).

Fenland Running Club fielded two teams, which finished 13th and 30th overall, and exceeded expectations by winning the Mixed Team category prize.

Other notable individual performances were Sarah Gauvin as second lady veteran on stage nine Maire Irlam as first lady veteran on stage 17.