March AC’s Frostbite Friendly League race draws massive turnout

FRC runners at the Frostbite race.

FRC runners at the Frostbite race. - Credit: Archant

More than 400 runners took part in March AC’s Frostbite Friendly League five mile race yesterday.

First home for March AC was Simon Oldfield, who finished in 31 minutes 17 seconds.

Young March AC prospect Jevan Robertson left his rivals trailing in his wake to win the junior 1.5 mile race in seven minutes 32 seconds.

Times: Simon Oldfield (31:17), Jason Perring (31.48), Lee Carey (32.23), Mick Stacey (32.39), Joe Bradshaw (32:45), Paul Hensby (32:47), Wayne Stimson (33:11), Mark Salmons (34:01), Rick Ware (34:18), Simon Render (34:36), Debra Wait (34:59), Karen Patterson (35:12), Darren Moat (35:33), Tony Epps (35:16), Kevin Barnes (37:36), Lynn Summerfield (37:37), Geraldine Larham (37:39), Martin Littlemore (38:22), Chris Williams (38:51), Justin Elvidge (39:57), Sean Donkin (41:16), Francis Cooke (42:01), Dawn Veal (42:19), Fred Amps (46:05), Debra Ridgway (48:35), Lisa Donkin (48:38), Katie Hunt (48:46), Scott Bywater (49:58), Lavinia Seward (50:23), Michelle Seward (50:24), Polly Boyd (51:09) and Pat Brown (59:50).

Juniors – Jevan Robertson 1st (7:32); Luke Fenner 30th (8:50); Luke Parnell 84th (9:56); Sean Stacey 87th (9:57); Louis Beningfield 100th (10:14); Megan Stacey 164th (12:04); Andrew Lee 173rd (12:42); William Griffin 179th (14:22); Cerys Lancaster 180th (14:25) and Kacey Lancaster 181st (14:26).

It was a good day for Fenland Running Club who entered 35 runners, their biggest ever turnout, for the event.

The club finished third, behind Nene Valley Harriers and Huntingdon AC, in the overall standings.

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Full results: Martin Jennings 28th (30.30); Gary Bligh 31st (30.40); Sean Connolly 32nd (30.50); Andrew Plume 54th (31.56); Tim Chapman 63rd (32.28); Rebecca Cousins 69th (32.40); Paul Griffin 81st (33.14); Stuart Follen 95th (33.50); Andre Pittock 104th (34.13); Maire Irlam 117th (34.51); John Chapman 118th (34.51); Justin Showell 132nd (35.23); Tony Moore 134th (35.30); Rod Sinnott 135th (35.31); Nicole Coughlin 137th (35.33); Paul Weigand 140th (35.41); Colin Ferguson 161st (36.21); Dan Wate 165th (36.37); Colin Simpson 167th (36.38); Ann Trett 171st (36.45); Dean Clark 186th (37.14); Adam Chown 213th (38.21); David Webster 251st (39.42); Michelle Gilbert 257th (40.26); Paulina Zub 266th (41.02); Nicky Jennings 276th (41.30); Paskey Ruggiero 284th (41.56); Alan Bird 326th (44.39); Stacey Webb 329th (44.51); Sue George 341st (45.33); Julie Garner 357th (46.56); Sharon Bird 394th (50.49); Denise Griffin 397th (51.10); Marc Martin 398th (51.17) and Sarah Rippon 402nd (53.42).

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