March AC’s MKM Hereward Relay enjoys record turnout with runners braving a mudbath to power home

FRC competitor Dean Clark got covered in mud during his leg.

FRC competitor Dean Clark got covered in mud during his leg. - Credit: Archant

A record 112 teams braved wet and muddy conditions as they turned out for March AC’s MKM building supplies Hereward Relay on Sunday.

March AC fielded five teams and Fenland Running Club contributed 12 teams to the four-stage 38.7 mile Hereward Relay from Peterborough to Ely.

March Mens A stormed home to secure 14th place overall, March Ladies A came 32nd overall and Karen Patterson won the 1st Vet Prize for leg 2.

March AC spokesman Debra Wait said: “Many thanks to the main sponsor MKM building supplies Kings Lynn and also to Morrissons of Wisbech who supplied the water for the runners.

“Norwich & Peterborough Building Society and Bartletts of Chatteris also supported the race.”


March AC Results - March Mens A: Luke Fenner stage 1 ,40.39 13th; Lee Carey stage 2, 1.11.50 19th; Mick Stacey stage 3 1.23.02, 36th; Simon Oldfield stage 4 1.09.43; 18th. March Ladies A: Lynn Summerfield stage 1 48.10, 52nd; Karen Patterson stage 2 1.21.30, 47th; Debra Wait stage 3, 1.24.03, 40th; Geraldine Larham stage 4 1.18.05, 45th. March Mixtures: Justin Elvidge stage 1 47.27, 45th; Billy Bremner stage 2 1.15.19, 27th; Suzanne Orr Stage 3 2.18.02, 100th; Tim Boyd stage 4 1.19.07, 51st. March Ladies B: Lisa Donkin stage 1 57.36, 88th; Fay Scrivener stage 2, 1.44.26, 99th; Michelle Seward stage 3 1.48.18, 94th; Dawn Veal stage 4 1.34.21, 93rd.

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FRC results: Stage 1 6.5 miles: 22nd Richard Hammond 42.16; 35th Colin Simpson 45.18; 49th Ellen Drew 47.51; 51st Richard Agger 48.07; 72nd Jane Holmes 52.29; 78th Sue George 55.43; 93rd Allison Patterson 59.24; 98th Jac Richards 1.01.03; 99th Denise Griffin 1.01.18; 100th Cheryl Chapman 1.01.28; 105th Tracy Farr 1.02.57; 108th Tracey Howard 1.04.49. Stage 2 10.5 miles: 22nd Andrew Plume 1.14.00; 28th Dan Wate 1.15.23; 32nd Tim Chapman 1.16.57; 33rd Paul Griffin 1.16.57; 40th Graham Milham 1.19.42; 41st John Chapman 1.19.42; 50th Andre Pittock 1.22.18; 58th Maire Irlam 1.25.08; 63rd Greg Tagney 1.26.05; 76th Marc Martin 1.30.49; 85th Ramune Raicheliene 1.32.55; 106th Tracy Veenendaal 1.51.46. Stage 3 11.3 miles: 32nd Stuart Follen 1.21.59; 52nd Adam Chown 1.28.02; 55th Mel Murdoch 1.28.26; 60th Tom Richards 1.30.30; 61st Katie Ward 1.30.34; 73rd Keith White 1.33.56; 85th Leanne Rickett 1.38.09; 89tyh Jay Gilbert 1.41.54; 95th Neil Bailey 1.51.35; 97th Larissa Follen 1.57.24; 98th 2.10.02; Adam Oakes no position or time recorded; Stage 4 10.4 miles: 19th Gary Bligh 1.09.49; 37th Clive Harrod 1.14.39; 42nd Dean Clark 1.16.09; 57th Ian Milburn 1.19.51; 58th Rod Sinnott 1.20.14; 62nd Richard Betts 1.22.32; 64th Nicky Jennings 1.23.57;67th Alan Bird 1.24.27; 72nd Sarah Gauvin 1.25.30; 84th Ann Trett 1.29.30; 92nd Paskey Ruggiero 1.36.30; Paul Wiegand no position or time recorded.

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