Runners eager to impress on return of Whitemoor five-mile event

March Athletic Club took part in the Whitemoor five-miler event

Sunday saw the long-awaited return of March Athletic Club’s annual Whitemoor 5-Miler race and 'Darren’s Dash' 1.5-mile fun run after the Covid-19 pandemic forced last year's event to be cancelled. - Credit: March Athletic Club

Runners saw the long-awaited return of March Athletic Club’s annual Whitemoor 5-Miler race and “Darren’s Dash” 1.5-mile fun run after the Covid-19 pandemic forced last year's event to be cancelled.

The sun shone, cakes were consumed and runners raced their hearts out on Sunday, July 11, thankful to have the chance to race with other runners after over a year of virtual races.

Both races started and finished on the club’s running track at their Elm Road home and entered the nature reserve beside the prison, with the five-miler also taking in a section of the Twenty Foot drain’s riverbank. 

The club was joined by runners from other local running clubs, including Three Counties, Thorney and Fenland as well as Southend, North Derbyshire and Boston. 

'Darren’s Dash' fun run saw 68 finishers and first place went to March AC Junior’s Luke Cumbridge in 08:37:40.

March Juniors had three other runners in the top 10: Archie Bullman, Matthew Baker and Matthew Cumbridge. First March girl home was Leah Barnes in 12:07:50 and 16th overall. 

A total of 171 finishers completed the Whitemoor five-miler, with overall winner Martin Amos from Hunts AC in 28:18:30.

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First March runner home was Nial Jackson in 31:14:00, a superb fourth place and first runner in the Under 40 age category, as Andy Cole came sixth in 32:52:20 and Charlie Wright was ninth in 34:24:20. 

Nial Jackson running for March AC in the Whitemoor five-miler.

Nial Jackson was the first March AC runner home in the Whitemoor five-miler event. - Credit: March Athletic Club

First March AC lady home was Kanina O’Neil, who was 21st overall and second lady in 36:49:50, who had an epic finish line battle with partner Barry Head, who pipped her to 20th place in 36:45:50.

Second March lady home was Eleanor Snooks in 45:48 in 74th place. 

Kanina O'Neil was first female home for March AC at the Whitemoor five-miler.

Kanina O'Neil was the first lady home for March AC at the Whitemoor five-miler. - Credit: March Athletic Club

March’s Andrew Wool was first place in the male 45-49 age category in 36:23:70, Andy Cole was first place in the male 50-54 age category and Bryan Newman came first in the 65-69 age category in 42:13.  


Luke Cumbridge 00:08:37.40; Archie Bullman 00:09:50.30; Matthew Baker 00:10:18.9; Matthew Cumbridge 00:11:06.00; Leah Barnes 00:12:07.50; Sasha Bland 00:12:20.00, Maisie Whittlesey 00:12:24.20; Megan Davies 00:12:51.60; Noah Wool 00:13:32.80; Fynn Barber 00:13:34.40; Annabelle Brand 00:13:35.80; Luke Royston 00:13:36.30; Darcey Bradshaw 00:13:43.00; Harry Amps 00:14:01.20; Maddie Barnes 00:14:07.60; Brooke Dornan 00:14:56.00; Ralph Amps 00:15:04.40; Katie Cook 00:15:32.00; James Venni 00:17:30.80.


Nial Jackson 00:31:14.00; Andy Cole 00:32:56.20; Charlie Wright 00:34:24.20; Steven Robinett 00:34:37.20; Daniel Barber 0:36:05.20; Tony Brown 00:36:15.20; Andrew Wool 00:36:23.70; Barry Head 00:36:45.50; Kanina O'Neil 00:36:49.50; Dean Markillie 00:37:22.20; Andrew Harwin 00:38:44.50; Walter Beldom 00:38:48.60; Jason Mottram 00:39:27.80; Jon Long 00:40:53.70; Hugh Harris 00:41:30.80; James Arran 00:41:44.30; Bryan Newman 00:42:13.00; Rhys Davies 00:42:28.00; Eleanor Snooks 00:45:48.00; Jordan Lancaster 00:48:11.40; Graeme Dedman 00:50:49.00; Aisleen Parker 00:50:55.40; Bill Swadling 00:51:02.40; Nicki Kightly 00:52:37.00; Joanne Anderson 00:54:13.00; Martyn Haynes 00:59:13.60; Karen Kimberlin 01:00:22.60; Mark Pegler 01:01:34.40; Lavinia Seward 01:03:19.60; Michelle Seward 01:03:19.90; Laura Beard 01:03:37.70; Patrick Brown 01:09:33.00.