March Amateur Boxing Club’s first female fighter forced to wait for historic debut

MARCH Amateur Boxing Club’s first female fighter has been forced into an agonising wait for her debut, after her opponent pulled out of Friday’s historic bout.

Vicky Larham was left frustrated when 18-year-old Chelsea Grant withdrew from the fight at the March Braza Club, after weighing in under her carded weight of 67kg.

The 25-year-old March fighter will now be forced to wait for her debut, which will be the first time a woman has fought for the club since its formation in 1949.

“It was really frustrating,” said Larham. “One of my coaches reckoned she took one look at me and didn’t want to fight. I’d like to think that was the reason.

“I’m gutted because people had come from all over the place to see me fight. I had got myself so pumped up for it but it was all for nothing.

Larham, who has only been boxing since the summer, had weighed in at 68kg - slightly over her carded weight.

“There was all the hype and now I just want to be in the ring,” she said. “I’m desperate for that first fight. I will go back to my training and hopefully we will sort out another fight for the next show in April.”