March Athletic Club take on New Years Eve 10k – claiming five personal records

March Athletic Club take on New Years Eve 10k in Ely.

March Athletic Club take on New Years Eve 10k in Ely. - Credit: Archant

Members of the March Athletic Club made a mark on the annual New Years Eve 10k hosted by Ely Runners, brining home three first place prizes.

This year saw 33 members take on the winter 10k, five members set personal bests, three won first in their age category, two won second and two claimed third (all in age category).

The first male home for the club was Justin Elvidge, who finished in 47th place – with a season best of 40:11.

The first lady home was Toni Alcaraz, who finished in 59th place and third in her age category – finishing with a time of 41:29.

The remaining runners are as followed:

66th Andy Cole 41:48,

67th Wayne Stimson 41:50,

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72nd Aaron Godden 42:11,

76th Geraldine Larham 42:19 (First in Age Category),

87th Andrew Larham 42:53 (First in Age Category),

96th Melissa Neal 43:17,

118th Karen Patterson 45:20 (Second in Age Category),

170th Simon Render 47:38,

186th Alan Brown 48:15,

209th Barry Head 49:17,

229th Jon Long 50:12,

258th Tina Lambert 51:25,

299th Andrew Fovargue 52:49pb,

325th Brian Goodenough 54:01,

330th Megan Ayling 54:11,

351st Michelle Seward 55:22,

396th Abbie Jeeves 57:15pb,

417th Chris Andrew 58:56,

441st Sue Ward 59:54pb,

443rd Teilo Pearce 59:55,

444th Stephen Cowell 59:55,

455th Bill Swadling 1:00:01 (Third in Age Category),

494th Michelle Fovargue 1:04:10,

509th Lavinia Seward 1:04:40 (First in Age Category),

527th Philip Cole 1:06:57,

528th Emma Cole 1:06:56pb,

539th Sarah Westbrook 1:10:07,

565th Mike Boxall 1:12:48,

566th Rachel Boxall 1:12:49,

581st Gena Jackman 1:19:32 (Second in Age Category)