March Athletic Club steers a course for the Green Wheel Relay

Robinett's Rockets GWR

The Robinett's Rockets team that took part in the 2021 Green Wheel Relay. - Credit: March Athletic Club

With real racing now back in full swing, March Athletic Club runners were out in force for the 2021 Green Wheel Relay on Sunday.

The race starts and finishes at the athletic track on Peterborough’s embankment and follows the 50 mile route of the Green Wheel cycle route around Peterborough and is broken into seven legs.

This year's race saw 42 teams take part, with March AC fielding four teams:

Robinett’s Rockets: Steve Robinett, Barry Head, Sean Stacey, Kanina O’Neil, Andy Cole, Nial Jackson and James Amps.

Fay’s Fearless Fliers: Fay Scrivener, Michelle Seward, Mark Darlow, Wendy Harrison, Mike Blackledge, Dawn Veal and Lavinia Seward.

Blue Moons: Dean Markillie, Michelle Fovargue, Martyn Haynes, Jordan Lancaster, Walter Beldom, Andrew Harwin and James Moon.

The Missing: Sue Ward, Jodie Mottram, Graeme Dedman, Bryan Newman, Hugh Harris, Jason Mottram and Joanne Anderson-Wenn.

Fay's Fearless Fliers

Fay's Fearless Fliers that took part in the 2021 Green Wheel Relay. - Credit: March Athletic Club

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The blistering heat earlier in the week had passed and runners were able to enjoy some cooler temperatures.

But the downside to the change in the weather meant that part of the first leg was under several inches of water around the Flag Fen visitor’s centre, meaning a bit of wading rather than running was needed.

First March team home was Robinett’s Rockets, who came fifth overall in 05:23:05.

Blue Moon finished in 06:56:31, with The Missing in 07:01:12 and Fay’s Fearless Fliers in 07:43:18.

Robinett’s Rockets had some great individual results with Nial Jackson finishing second overall on his leg and James Amps finishing third on his. 

Elsewhere, two March AC runners completed the Sandringham half marathon, complete with Prince William at the start line: Alan Brown in 01:48:43 and Irene Lane in 02:08:47.


Green Wheel Relay (Sunday, June 20)

Leg 1: Steve Robinett 56:06, Dean Markillie 59:47, Fay Scrivener 1:20:14, Sue Ward 1:22:09.

Leg 2: Barry Head 29:01, Michelle Fovargue 40:38, Michelle Seward 43:19, Jodie Mottram 44:56.

Leg 3: Sean Stacey 41:34, Graeme Dedman 57:29, Mark Darlow 1:00:05, Martyn Haynes 1:09:40.

Leg 4: Kanina O’Neil 59:29, Bryan Newman 1:08:34, Wendy Harrison 1:18:42, Jordan Lancaster 1:20:09.

Leg 5: Andy Cole 55:16, Walter Beldom 1:04:28, Hugh Harris 1:06:54, Mike Blackledge 1:07:20.

Leg 6: Nial Jackson 45:50, Jason Mottram 53:14, Andrew Harwin 57:50, Dawn Veal 1:08:28.

Leg 7: James Amps 35:49, James Moon 44:04, Joanne Anderson Wenn 45:56, Lavinia Seward 1:05:10.