March Athletic Club runner Alan takes on the ultimate challenge

Alan Brown at the start

Alan Brown at the start - Credit: March Athletic Club

March Athletic Club runner Alan Brown took on the ultimate running challenge over the weekend as he took on the Chester 100-mile ultra marathon.

The course took Alan from Chester, up to Warrington, Widnes and Runcorn before heading back to Chester, hugging the England-Wales border.

The route would be described as challenging for any experienced runner, with elevations peaking at over 400 metres above sea level. 

Alan took it all in his stride, despite physical battles with fatigue over such a long distance, and completed the course in an impressive 28:34:43, finishing in an amazing 20th place overall.

Somewhat bizarrely to the non-initiated into ultras, Alan even claimed to have enjoyed the experience of running for more than 28 hours! 

Alan Brown, March Athletic Club runner 

Alan Brown, March Athletic Club runner - Credit: March Athletic Club

Alan’s wife Diane, also a March AC runner, was part of the event crew for the epic race and got to cheer Alan on at two of the checkpoints, at miles 14 and 64.

Diane admitted it was very emotional to see Alan cross the finish line and looking still so fresh.