March Athletic Club runner wins Veteran’s prize

MARCH Athletic Club runner Debra Wait won the First Veteran 45 prize at the Thorney five-mile road race.

Wait, the first lady home for the club, finished in 71st after completing the distance in 34 minutes. The fastest runner for the club, with a time of 31 minutes 38 seconds, was Andrew Larham who finished in 34th position.

Nine members took part in the event on Sunday August 15 which saw 249 runners finish.

Full results: Andrew Larham 34th, 31.38; Debra Wait 71st, 34.00; Agata Chelchowska 76th, 34.29pb; Wayne Stimson 78th, 34.37; Geraldine Emmins 132nd, 38.11; Jim Atkin 142nd, 39.33; Alan Davies 146th, 39.48(PB); Tracie Moore 167th, 41.48 and Shaun Donkin 183rd, 43.34.