March Athletics Club boost league position by breezing Bourne course

March Athletics Club at the Bourne Frostbite.

March Athletics Club at the Bourne Frostbite. - Credit: Archant

March Athletics Club were on a mission at the chilly Bourne Frostbite event, with both the junior and senior team scoring highly and increasing their position in the Frostbite League.

The Juniors came 7th out of 15 clubs on Sunday, pushing them to 10th overall in the league, while the Seniors took 8th place out of 16, meaning they are currently 11th in the league.

Hugo Bryant was first home for the juniors completing the 1.5 mile course in 11 minutes 41 seconds and securing 38th place out of 186 runners. Sophie Fenner was the first girl home for the team in 13.19. For the seniors, Mick Stacey had a cracking run, finishing the five mile hilly and boggy course in 33 minutes and nine seconds placing him 46th overall.


Juniors: Hugo Bryant 11.41 (38th), Alfie McIntyre 11.46 (41st), Sean Stacey 12.08 (53rd), Luke Gardner 12.10 (54th), Sophie Fenner 13.19 (92nd), Liam Lambert 13.36 (101st), Brandon Pearce 13.37 (103rd), Paul Bryant 14.32 (139th), Megan Stacey 16.32 (165th), Millie Edwards 17.23 (173rd), Esme McIntyre 17.42 (175th), Alex Cartwright 18.32 (181st).

Seniors – Mick Stacey 33.09 (46th), Billy Bremner 33.45 (54th), Michael Salter 34.02 (62nd), Lee Carey 34.49 (75th), Wayne Stimson 34.57 (79th), Debra Wait 36.08 (107th), Justin Showell 36.11 (108th),Clyde Stratton 36.47 (124th), Geraldine Larham 36.54 (126th), Mark Salmons 37.03 (130th), Phil Beldon 37.21 (135th), Justin Elvidge 37.24 (138th), Karen Patterson 37.28 (140th), Jonathan Farrow 38.05 (150th), Andrew Larham 39.09 (172nd), Kevin Barnes 39.48 (188th) Rhys Davies 41.00 (218th), Harry Littlemore 41.21 (222nd), Malcolm Hunt 41.49 (230th), Nick Okerika 42.14 (241st), Dawn Veal 44.15 (276th), Adam Oakes 45.42 (294th), Teilo Pearce 46.22 (305th), Scott Bywater 47.04 (312th), Fay Scrivener 48.11 (322nd), Daniel Bayles 1.08.34 (406th).