March Athletics Club enjoy a happy hour in a slightly different way to most

Dean Markillie of March Athletics Club

Dean Markillie of March Athletics Club. - Credit: MARCH AC

March Athletics Club were back at the happy hour as they got an actual clue as to just how much lockdown training had helped them.

In October the club tasked runners to see how far they could run in one hour, to mark the changing of the clocks.

Six months later, they were challenged to repeat that and so over a two-week period March's athletes took to the streets again.

In total 34 runners took part in the challenge and seven of them managed to improve their distance.

The biggest improvement came from Dean Markillie, who ran 0.37 miles further, hitting 8.25 miles this time around.

Second most improved was Eleanor Snooks with 0:33 miles further and third most improved runner was junior Serge Lambert with 0:16 further

James Arran proved himself to be Mr Consistent as he ran the exact same distance.

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Overall winner of the challenge was Toni Alcaraz, who clocked up an impressive 9.22 miles while Andy Cole was second with 9.17 miles.

Elsewhere, March runner Steve Robinett took on the Oundle 5k, finishing in 19:15.