March Hockey Club to continue running three teams despite player exodus

MARCH Hockey Club WILL continue to run three teams after more than 20 members attended a crisis meeting last night.

The club had considered folding one of their sides after a massive player exodus saw squad numbers plummet and matches forfeited.

But chairman Neil Liversedge has vowed that the club will fight on and called for new members to come forward and bolster their ranks.

“The first team are staying in Division One,” he said.

“We’re keeping three teams and we’re just going to have to work a little bit harder in getting those three teams out on a Saturday.

“The league rules said that if you’re going to pull a team out it has to be the bottom team. So even if people had wanted the first team to fold, we couldn’t do it.

“We’ve just got to carry on. If you have a bad season you just have to go through it. No club likes it, but sometimes you just have to do it.

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“The young players will still learn and improve their games and we’re looking for new members to step forward.”

Anybody interested in joining the hockey club should contact Liversedge on: 07886 978329