March junior runners making great strides

The March junior team

The March junior team - Credit: Archant

Running March Athletic Club’s seniors and juniors were out in force on Sunday at Hinchinbrooke Park for the last leg of the Frostbite series.

In the 1.5mile junior race, Luke Fenner stormed home in third place in a field of 216 runners, completing the course in 9mins 46secs.

Overall, March’s junior section ended the season in 10th place overall.

Meanwhile, the seniors recorded their best score in the history of the race to earn them fourth place, while securing fifth place overall out of 16 teams from around the county.

First home for the club was Paul Hensby, completing the five-mile course in 32mins 19secs, 33rd in a field of 357.


Juniors:-Luke Fenner 09.46, (3rd) Hugo Bryant 11.53, (56th), Luke Parnell 12.16, (73rd) Sean Stacey 12.27 (80th) Luke Gardner 12.52 (96th) Andrew Lee 12.53 (97th),Liam Lambert 13.31 (132nd) Paul Bryant 13.49 (142nd) Megan Stacey 14.21 (163rd) Sophie Fenner 14.24 (165th) Alex Cartwright 17.01 (208th). Seniors:- Paul Hensby 32.19 (33rd) Lee Carey 32.27 (36th) Simon Oldfield 32.28 (37th) Wayne Stimson 34.02 (73rd) Billy Bremner 34.14 (78th) Debra Wait 34.51 (91st) Tim Boyd 35.09 (93rd) Andrew Larham 35.21 (97th) Simon Render 35.28 (99th) Karen Patterson 35.38 (106th) Kevin Barnes 35.56 (113th) Tony Epps 35.57 (113th) Geraldine Larham 36.01 (115th) Darren Moat 37.26 (153rd) Brian Harding 38.21 (172nd) Chris Lawrence 39.55 (198th) Brian Goodenough 40.58 (217th) Malcolm Hunt 41.49 (230th) Gaelle Bryant 41.53 (231st) Graeme Robertson 43.21 (264th) Scott Bywater 45.46 (294th) Tina Lambert 48.06 (312th) Hugh Plumb 49.19 (319th) Tony Whibley 56.55 (353rd)