Hares bid to break the mould with new youth team

Gary Davis with ex-March Town Ladies captain Jade Pointer

Gary Davis (left), head coach at March Town Ladies, believes the addition of an under 18s ladies team will help more youngsters develop before playing adult football. Here, Gary with Jade Pointer when March won the Championship North Division of the Cambridgeshire Women's County League. - Credit: March Town Ladies FC

A football club is aiming to help youngsters continue to develop on the pitch by launching a new youth side. 

March Town are looking to expand on its three men’s teams, a ladies’ team and its youth sides with a under 18s girls' team to accompany the boys’ squad. 

Gary Davis, head coach at March Town Ladies who relaunched seven years ago, wants to give players a chance to progress and ensure they stay interested in the game. 

He said: “It's great to see that there are more ladies' teams in the area now, but the Fens struggle for that under 18 age girls' group. 

“Many girls teams get to under 16 and then fold.  

“It means a lot of the youngsters don't get the opportunity to develop as they miss that step of under 18s and have to go straight into adult games or get demotivated and give up.” 

Gary added: “My ladies team have some strong under 18s who have come on well this season and it would be great for them to help their own age group develop. 

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“I'm really excited about the project and helping the youth in the area take the next step.” 

The club is looking for an experienced under 18s coach. For more information, contact Gary Davis on 07824 337771 or email davis.cjwjs@gmail.com.