Martial arts stars toast memorable season at BCKA presentation night

FIGHTERS celebrated a memorable season as the British and Chinese Kickboxing Association held their presentation night.

The martial arts club, which holds training sessions across Fenland, presented international stars Marco Broccoli, Grant Brown, Courtney Brown and Jack Bristowe with certificates for representing England at this year’s Irish Open.

Broccoli, Bristowe and Courtney and Grant Brown also bagged merit awards alongside Ritchie Walton, Aaron Godden, Karl Strange and Harry Nunn.

Bristowe was named young martial artist of the year while 16-year-old British champion Courtney Brown collected his second degree black belt in kickboxing.

Wendy Whitwell, Charlene Lomas and Alan Johnson received certificates for 10 years of service to the BCKA.

Coach Andy Whitwell was also amongst the honours, receiving his fifth degree black belt in kickboxing.

Whitwell, one of the highest-graded martial artists in the region, said: “I am very pleased with the effort and commitment given by the students and instructors.

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“Having such quality within the club makes my job very easy, they are all a pleasure to work with.”

For more details on the BCKA visit or contact Whitwell on 07969792286.