Eve McInerney becomes British Champion in the Longtrack UK Championships

Inspired by the 2018 winter Olympics, a veteran speed skater and his two twin daughters travelled to Holland to compete in the Longtrack UK Championships on ice.

The two-day event saw Wisbech Inline Speed Skaters coach Mike McInerney and his twin daughters Eve and Lucy compete.

Although not Mike’s first time competing on ice, it was certainly the girls first time in competitive speed skating and they didn’t disappoint.

They brought home five medals and a new British Champion between the three of them.

Lucy competed in five of the seven events for her first tentative excursion on track, narrowly missing out on podium places by finishing in 4th place.

Eve competed in six events in the Senior Ladies category and finished on the podium in the 3,000 mts event on day one to become British bronze medallist with her first ever podium finish.

The following day, she competed in 100mts and 300mts sprint races and found herself in first place with the combined times to become British Champion.

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Her best time on ice in the 100mt sprint was 13.66. This compares to her best time of 12.192 on Inline skates last year.

Eve said she found her starts were really good and felt very confident on the ice.

Mike competed in seven events in the Senior Mens category and finished on the podium twice - earning himself a bronze medal in the 1,500mts and a silver for second place in the 5,000mts.

He also took part in the mass start (a new event this year at the Olympics) and after 50 laps, he finished in third place, earning a bronze medal.

His 100mt sprint was slightly slower than Eve’s at 13.75s, and in comparison, was two seconds slower than his Inline 100mts sprint.

Mike has competed on the ice in the past and was 5,000mts British Champion in 2016.

All three of them have so far had a successful season on inline skates, having become British Champions for the indoor relay events in 2018.