Nearly 200 runners flock to popular March Athletic Club Spud Run event

MARCH Athletic Club hosted its popular ‘Spud Run’ on Sunday with nearly 200 runners tackling the cross country course in soaring temperatures.

Nene Valley Harriers’ Nick Grimer was the first of the 127 runners home in the 5.25-mile race crossing the line in a time of 29 minutes and seven seconds.

Fenland Running Club’s Justin Kinsey (31:14) was his team’s first man home in fifth place finishing just one place ahead of March AC’s Joe Bradshaw (31.51), who was the first junior male to cross the line.

There was also success for Fenland’s Paul Wiegand (Male Vet 50), Ian Milburn (Male Vet 65+) and Jane Greenwood (Female Vet 55) who put in outstanding displays.

March AC’s Frances Cooke also enjoyed glory scooping the Female Vet 50 prize finishing in 55th place overall and Alice Donkin won the junior lady prize.

Twenty-eight March AC juniors turned out of the 1.5-mile fun run which saw 63 runners complete the course. Thorney’s Liam Ward romped to success completing the course in eight minutes and 10 seconds with March AC’s Harry Bradshaw (9.38) finishing second.

Team member Tillie Murphy won the junior girl prize after finishing in 10 minutes and five seconds.

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Fenland Running Club

Fun run - Harry Holmes, 14th, 11:02; Oliver Murdoch, 18th, 11:39

5.25-mile race - Justin Kinsey, 5th, 31:14; Ady Martin, 8th, 32.55; Paul Wiegand, 20th, 36.15; Paul Arnold, 21st, 36.19; Dan Wate, 25th, 36:49; Ian Milburn, 37th, 38.53; Cheryl Chapman, 76th, 46.13; Jane Greenwood, 80th, 46.42 and Rob Sayell, 82nd, 47.39

March Athletic Club

Fun run - Harry Bradshaw, 2nd, 9.38; Harry Amps, 9.42, 3rd; Luke Fenner, 9.53, 5th; Tillie Murphy, 7th, 10.05; Nathan Redhead, 9th, 10.08; Abbie Stacey, 10th, 10.31; Ben Watson, 11th, 10.34; Max Flint, 16th, 11.27; Ben Markillie, 19th, 12.06; Archie Patterson, 26th, 12.17; Harry Copeman, 27th, 13.26; Aiden Gray, 28th, 13.29, Ashleigh Patterson, 30th, 13.59; Connor Porter, 32nd, 15.08; Daniel Redhead, 33rd, 15.08; Sophie West, 34th, 15.18; Libby Copeman, 36th, 15.29; Morgan Gray, 38th, 15.39; Jake Chilton, 41st, 16.05; Emily Hall, 44th, 16.15; Sam Hall, 45th, 16.15; Nathan Hall, 47th, 16.39; Bronwyn Davies, 48th, 16.40; Nathan Tyres, 50th, 16.48; Rhiannon Tyres, 51st, 16.48; Sophie Fenner, 55th, 18.08; Ashleigh Fenner, 58th, 19.52 and Erica Richmond, 60th, 21.49

5.25-mile race - Joe Bradshaw, 6th, 31.51; Kevin Jackman, 12th, 34.39; Karen Patterson, 23rd, 36.30; Pete West, 28th, 37.06; Mick Stacey, 35th, 38.45; Lynn Summerfield, 38th, 39.07; Rhys Davies, 46th, 39.58; Frances Cooke, 55th, 41.37; Sadie Copeman, 62nd, 43.47; Robert Bird, 63rd, 43.58; Austin Patterson, 66th, 44.44; Martin Littlemore, 67th, 44.56; Alan Dawes, 68th, 45.04; Wendy Howells, 75th, 46.02; Jane Wilson, 78th, 46.32; Sarah-Shaun Donkin, 84th, 48.16; Tracie Moore, 87th, 48.59; Debbie Ridgway, 89th, 49.47; Pat Brown, 94th, 50.53; Alice Donkin, 96th, 51.10; Chris Amps, 102nd, 53.05; Katie Donkin, 104th, 53.08; Pat Norris, 56.36, 114th; Nicola Stacey, 118th, 59.33; Paula Tahir, 119th, 59.34; Lisa Donkin, 120th, 1.01.49; Kim Gooding, 123rd, 1.05.52; Sue Clarke, 124th, 1.08.22l Susan Ward, 126th, 1.12.04 and Sue Bird, 127th, 1.12.04