New martial arts club to open in Fenland alongside successful BCKA club

A NEW martial arts club opening in Wisbech on Tuesday will run alongside an already successful kickboxing group.

Andy Whitwell already runs a British Chinese Kickboxing Association club at Thomas Clarkson Community College in Wisbech on Tuesdays.

Whitwell, Aaron Godden and Simon Munday will be the instructors of the new Lau Gar Kung-Fu club.

Whitwell said: “There are too many differences between the two disciplines so they will be separate clubs.

“Both are suitable for people of all ages, male or female. We have no minimum fitness levels needed to start kickboxing or kung-fu.

“In a few weeks you will realise your own fitness level, stamina and flexibility are increasing, enabling you to work harder for longer.”

Whitwell runs a number of BCKA and kung-fu clubs around Fenland already. Both clubs will run from 6.15-7.45pm in the school’s sports hall with a curtain separating the groups.

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CONTACT: Andy Whitwell on 07969 792286 or e-mail for further details. All sessions are on a pay-as-you-train basis with discount for families.