Perry out of UK Championship after final frame loss to Davis then slams the poor quality of the table

Joe Perry.

Joe Perry. - Credit: Archant

Joe Perry has slammed the standard of the table after he was knocked out of the UK Championship last night.

The Chatteris player lost 6-5 in the third round and afterwards described the match as “rubbish” due to the way the table played.

He said: “The match was rubbish and that has nothing to do with me or Mark.

“They seriously need to put some money into finding the reasons for these tables playing as they do.

“The table won, and it got to the stage in the end where you couldn’t hit the ball properly or play the shot you wanted because you didn’t know what was going to happen, and it beat me.

“I very rarely criticise the tables as they play great most of the time all around the world. We don’t know what is happening – they aren’t setting up the tables to trick us, but sometimes they play horrible.

“I was playing good. I had my game in order but I’m gutted now. I’m never normally upset when I lose because it’s usually my fault, but I’m devastated to lose the way I did.”