March Bears kick redevelopment plans into gear thanks to funding

March Bears Rugby Club are looking to expand their senior and junior rugby setups as part of their r

March Bears Rugby Club are looking to expand their senior and junior rugby setups as part of their redevelopment plans. Picture: IAN CARTER - Credit: Archant

They’ve already raised thousands, but March Bears Rugby Club aim to go one step further in their bid to make their mark on the local community.

So far, the club has raised £116,000 since September last year towards replacing their current clubhouse, which has stood at the Elm Road Sports Field for many years.

However, in order to secure a new facility, they may have to earn between £300,000 and £400,000, but club officials are confident they can achieve that target which will enable them to provide a modern clubhouse for future generations.

“The current clubhouse is 30-35 years-old and we want to increase our numbers, so we need the facility to accommodate everyone,” Megan Fey, secretary of March Bears RUFC, said.

“We’ve applied for various grants and done quite a lot of fundraising, so we have taken on the initiative to do work ourselves.

“We have been engaging with people and we are looking at local and national grants and have got plans in place, so we are at a point to see when we can get on with things.”

Megan, who studied sport development and coaching at university, joined the club after her father and former Bears player Edwin Fey became chairman last June.

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Since teaming up together, they both want to change the club’s impact on their local area, starting with improvements to their ground which the Bears share with fellow March Sports Association members March Athletic Club and March Park Youth Rangers FC.

“We want March Bears to be known for its rugby and want people to enjoy rugby in their local community,” Megan said.

“We have got the potential to attract a lot of people in our local area and within our rugby club, so let’s make a good job and make it something people want to go to.”

The club has changed its badge, launched membership cards for supporters and will look to expand both its junior and senior rugby setups as part of the redevelopment plans, something that Megan hopes can have a positive effect in years to come.

“We really want to build that rugby community within March. We want to have a social media presence because we are moving with the times,” she said.

“With a new clubhouse, we can make it a proper Saturday, almost an event.

“People can run round, watch the football and be a proper community that everyone from March and surrounding areas can enjoy. We want to make it as user-friendly as possible.”

March Bears are planning to kick off pre-season training on Tuesday, June 16.