Runners flock to March for annual Spud Run

The start of the Spud Run.

The start of the Spud Run. - Credit: Archant

Runners flocked to March yesterday to compete in the annual Spud Run ... and left with a bag of potatoes.

FRC runners after the Spud Run.

FRC runners after the Spud Run. - Credit: Archant

The five mile multi-terrain course proved a good test for 165 runners, while 91 entrants competed in a 1.5 mile fun-run.

The potatoes were donated by QV Foods, while Morrisons of Wisbech provided water bottles for the race.

First March AC runner to finish was Jevan Robertson, who came seventh in 29 minutes 19 seconds.

First lady home for the club was Karen Patterson, who was 41st overall with a time of 35 minutes 50 seconds. Mick Stacey won the first Vet-50 prize and Helena Mueller won first lady Vet-35.

For Fenland Running Club, Rod Sinnott was first to finish in 30th (34.32), while Colin Fergusson had a great run to win the Vet-60 category and finish 39th overall (35.33). Maire Irlam won the vet-45 category and Sarah Gauvin was third in the Vet-40 category.

Walpole St Andrew runner Matt Pyatt finished third overall in 27 minutes 50 seconds.

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March AC Results: Jevan Robertson 7th, 29.19; Luke Fenner 12th, 31.03; Lee Carey 13th, 31.06; Billy Bremner 17th, 32.15; Mick Stacey 19th, 32.30; Simon Render 28th, 33.53; Karen Patterson 41st, 35.50; Justin Elvidge 51st, 36.39; Rhys Davies 53rd, 36.56; Nik Okerika 55th, 37.14; Brian Harding 56th, 37.15; Bryan Goodenough 59th, 37.37; Chris Lawrence 61st, 37.53; Harry Littlemore 63rd, 37.50; Callum Campbell 67th, 38.17; Shaun Donkin 81st, 40.47; Luke Parnell 84th, 40.59; Robert Shepherd 85th, 41.13; Helena Mueller 86th, 41.14 (pb); Graeme Robertson 95th, 42.40; Dawn Veal 96th, 42.40; Scott Bywater 104th, 43.40; Amy Ellis 110th, 43.55; Fay Scrivener 115th, 44.37; Jack Dawson 119th, 45.25; Lorna Okerika 121st, 47.17; Debbie Ridgway 128th, 47.59; Lisa Donkin 129th, 47.59; Pat Norris 130th, 47.59; Ryan Thomas 143rd, 51.26; Renee Hovell-Thomas 144th, 51.34; Sue Ward 152nd, 54.30; Sue Logan 158th, 57.34; Jules Young 164th, 63.50; Pat Brown 165th.

FDC results: Rod Sinnott 30th, 34.32; Paul Wiegand 38th, 35.08; Colin Ferguson 39th, 35.33; Adam Chown 40th, 35.39; Ian Milburn 43rd, 36.01; Maire Irlam 44th, 36.06; Dean Clark 45th, 36.06; Sarah Gauvin 47th, 36.11; Graham Milham 52nd, 36.45; Nicky Jennings 65th, 38.12; Martin Jennings 66th, 38.12; Tracy Veenendaal 125th, 47.29; Julie Garner 126th, 47.29.