Runners endure a different kind of frostbite as virtual season gets underway

Runners from March Athletic Club saw a strong turnout for the first race of the virtual Frostbite League at the weekend.

Twenty-four seniors ran a five-mile course while seven juniors took part in a 1.5-mile route between November 7-8.

Toni Alcaraz, Andy Cole and Emma Tuck secured top three spots for the seniors as the same accolade for the juniors went to Luke Cumbridge, Charlie Bradshaw and Matthew Cumbridge.

Every Autumn sees the start of the Frostbite League, predominantly cross-country with six races between October and March.

Twenty-one March AC members also completed the George Munday Remembrance Sunday 10k organised by Three Counties Running Club, with some runners involved in both Frostbite and 10k events.

Steve Robinett was the first March runner home in a personal best of 40:29, while Liam Lambert and Andrew Wool followed in 45:45 and 47:35 respectively.


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Frostbite Seniors

Toni Alcaraz 31:04; Andy Cole 31:16; Emma Tuck 32:00; Mike Boxall 33:50; Kev Bunn 34:20; Tim Brammer 34:28; Andrew Wool 35:33; Mark Salmons 35:39; Sean Stacey 36:19; Barry Head 37:14; Mike Blackledge 37:52; Karen Patterson 38:13; Phil Beldom 38:48; Rhys Davies 39:21; Tina Lambert 41:18; Jon Long 42:08; Rachel Boxall 44:28; Andrew Fovargue 45:49; Dawn Veal 47:51; Fay Scrivener 48:10; Pat Norris 48:35; Michelle Seward 56:48; Diane Brown 57:54; Lavinia Seward 59:53.

Frostbite Juniors

Luke Cumbridge 9:53:00; Charlie Bradshaw 10:18:00; Matthew Cumbridge 12:04:00; Eddie Boxall 12:32:00; Serge Lambert 12:33:00; Maisie Whittlesey 13:19:00; Molly Cook 14:18:00.

George Munday 10k

Steve Robinett 40:49; Liam Lambert 45:45; Andrew Wool 47:35; James Arran 49:57; James Moon 50:16; Jon Long 50:24; Tina Lambert 50:28; Dean Markillie 50:53; Hannah Daniel 51:08; Mike Blackledge 51:54; Alan Brown 52:15; Emily Garry 53:56; Fay Scrivener 55:22; Dawn Veal 55:26; Wendy Harrison 55:59; Sue Ward 57:30; Andrew Fovargue 57:50; Pat Norris 59:32; Aisleen Parker 1:00:31; Jordan Lancaster 1:16:41; Mark Darlow 1:35:10.