Tae Kwon Do students grade for their belts in March and Wisbech

Tae Kwon Do students grade for their belts in March. PHOTO: Mark Farnham.

Tae Kwon Do students grade for their belts in March. PHOTO: Mark Farnham. - Credit: Archant

The Mark Farnham Schools of Tae Kwon-Do have seen 19 students of all ages from March and Wisbech take part in colour belt grading examinations.

Mark said: “The grading on Sunday July (15) saw 137 of our students attend the three gradings on the day. Some children down to the age of five years were taking part.

“We achieved a 100 per cent pass rate, all students passed with good grades. The examiner on this occasion was Grand Master Dave Oliver 9th Dan.

“This makes a total of 13,866 students passing colour belt gradings with the schools in the last 30 years.

“Students receive their grades and belts at presentations which are held at their own school.”

To take part in a grading a student needs to have worked for an allotted time and be up to a good standard for the grade they are taking.

Working from white belt, though yellow, green, blue and red until they are ready to aim for their black belts which they take at Bristol in front of a panel of five,

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It takes an average of four years to get to this stage.



4th Kup

Kier Meaghan

Mollie Nutter

5th Kup

Hayley Dolbear

Isabella Dolbear-Zaleska

Megan Dolbear-Zaleska

Alijah Doughty

Aymon Doughty

Jaime Nutter

Nila Ramesh

6th Kup

Hannah Storey

7th Kup

Tomasz Dziechciarczyk

Jacob Ible

9th Kup

Declan Russell



3rd Kup

Faye Ferguson

4th Kup

Archie Davey

5th Kup

Charlotte Beck

6th Kup

Euan White

Jak White

7th Kup

Kasim Beetlestone

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