Quiz: Test your sporting knowledge, May 18

Lewis Hamilton celebrates his victory with the crowd after winning the 2016 British Grand Prix at Si

Lewis Hamilton celebrates his victory with the crowd after winning the 2016 British Grand Prix at Silverstone - Credit: PA

With sport still shut down across most of the globe due to the coronavirus pandemic, why not test your sporting knowledge with another quiz?

Here are some of the latest posers from the Press Association this week. No cheating!

1. Which former Norwich striker manages League One club Coventry?

2. How many Wimbledon titles has Venus Williams won?

3. How many Rugby World Cups have been won by Australia?

4. Who did Warrington defeat to claim the 2019 Challenge Cup?

5. Which NFL team’s nickname is the Saints?

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6. The Scottish Grand National is held at which venue?

7. How many F1 world championships has Lewis Hamilton won?

8. Which NBA team does Kevin Durant play for?

9. True or false – American golfer Phil Mickelson has won three Masters titles.

10. In what year did Patrice Evra make his debut for Manchester United?

11. From 2014 to 2016, Andy Murray was coached by which former Wimbledon women’s champion?

12. What was the name of Sunderland FC’s original home ground? A- Blue House Field, B- Black House Field, C- Red House Field

13. What colour medal did British diver Tom Daley win at the London 2012 Olympics?

14. The heptathlon is made up of how many individual events?

15. Who holds the record for most catches taken by an England wicketkeeper in Test cricket?

16. Former Welsh winger Nigel Walker also represented his country in which athletics event?

17. What is the nickname for England’s national netball team?

18. How many NBA championships did LeBron James win as a member of the Miami Heat?

19. Which venue hosted the 2001 FA Cup final?

20. Which manager has won the most FA Cup titles?

21. Who was the last English manager to win the FA Cup?

22. In cricket, who is England’s all-time wicket taker?

23. LeBron James was selected as the first pick of which year’s NBA draft?

24. Who did Australia beat in the semi-final of the 1999 Rugby World Cup?

25. Which team won the 2015 NFL Super Bowl?

26. How many Grand Slam titles has Roger Federer won?

27. How many Formula One world titles has Sebastian Vettel won?

28. Before current champion Al Boum Photo, which was the last horse to win consecutive Cheltenham Gold Cups?

29. When did the New York Yankees win their most recent World Series?

30. With five World Cup titles, which country is the most successful in women’s rugby?

Answers: 1. Mark Robins; 2. Five; 3. Two; 4. St Helens; 5. New Orleans; 6. Ayr; 7. Six; 8. Brooklyn Nets; 9. True; 10. 2006; 11. Amelie Mauresmo; 12. A- Blue House Field; 13. Bronze; 14. Seven; 15. Alan Knott; 16. Hurdles; 17. The Roses; 18. Two; 19. Millenium Stadium in Cardiff, Wales; 20. Arsene Wenger; 21. Harry Redknapp; 22. James Anderson; 23. 2003; 24. South Africa; 25. New England Patriots; 26. 20; 27. Four; 28. Best Mate; 29. 2009; 30. New Zealand.