Quiz: Test your sporting knowledge, June 15

Yossi Benayoun

Yossi Benayoun - Credit: PA Archive/PA Images

With some sports having returned across the globe during the coronavirus pandemic, why not test your sporting knowledge with another quiz?

Here are some of the latest posers from the Press Association this week. No cheating!

1. Which two teams will play the first match at the resumption of the Premier League?

2. Which is the only position in rugby union not to have a specific name?

3. Al-Hilal, the most successful team in Asian Champions League history, are from which country?

4. Name the five London-based teams currently in the EFL Championship.

5. How many matches are played at the Ryder Cup?

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6. And which player went 5-0-0 at the last edition of the tournament in 2018?

7. NFL side the Oakland Raiders have changed their name after relocation to which American city?

8. Which NFL side did Eli Manning represent throughout his 16-year career?

9. Which England cricketer had five catches in the January 2020 Test against South Africa?

10. Which county’s limited-overs side is called the Vikings?

11. Yossi Benayoun is the most-capped footballer for which country?

12. How many balls need to be potted for a maximum 147 break?

13. Which cricket umpire was known for his “crooked finger of doom”?

14. Two Australians have won the Premier League title, name either.

15. Only one Italian has won the Premier League, who is it?

16. Which major league sport do the Blue Jays play?

17. And in which North American city are they based?

18. When was the last UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup held?

19. Where will this year’s Formula One season start?

20. And where will it finish?

21. Pep Clotet is leaving which Championship club at the end of the season?

22. Which side have been crowned champions of League Two after the season was ended?

23. Who is the division’s top scorer?

24. And which team did he make seven appearances for - without scoring - either side of a productive loan spell?

25. Who became the only person to run a sub-10 100m, sub-20 200m and sub-44 400m in 2016?

26. And in which of these events did he win gold at the Rio Olympics?

27. What is the nickname of the BBL team based in Hobart, where Jofra Archer has played two seasons?

28. Where will two Tests in the series between England and West Indies be held?

29. In which US state is the Masters golf tournament held?

30. Which nationality is former Manchester City midfielder Georgi Kinkladze?

Answers: 1. Aston Villa and Sheffield United; 2. Number eight; 3. Saudi Arabia; 4. Brentford, Charlton, Fulham, Millwall, QPR; 5. 28; 6. Francesco Molinari; 7. Las Vegas; 8. New York Giants; 9. Ben Stokes; 10. Yorkshire; 11. Israel; 12. 36; 13. Billy Bowden; 14. Mark Bosnich and Robbie Slater; 15. Mario Balotelli; 16. Baseball; 17. Toronto; 18. 1999; 19. Austria; 20. Italy; 21. Birmingham; 22. Swindon; 23. Eoin Doyle; 24. Bradford; 25. Wayde van Niekerk; 26. 400m; 27. Hurricanes; 28. Old Trafford; 29. Georgia; 30. Georgian.