Quiz: Test your sporting knowledge, June 29

Germany's Steffi Graf in action

Germany's Steffi Graf in action - Credit: PA

With the Premier League back in action after more than three months away due to the coronavirus pandemic, why not celebrate with another sports quiz?

Here are some of the latest posers from Press Association, with the answers at the bottom. No cheating!

1. Which Manchester City striker scored the first goal awarded by goalline technology in January 2014?

2. With which London club did Vinnie Jones finish his career?

3. Which country won the last ever Five Nations in 1999?

4. In which country was cyclist Chris Froome born?

5. Which League Two side play their home matches at Brisbane Road?

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6. Which country has won 25 of the 32 Asian rugby union championships?

7. Which Olympic event involves a playing surface measuring 274cm x 152.5cm?

8. Quarterback Brett Favre spent 16 seasons with which NFL side?

9. Which two NBA teams are based in Florida?

10. And which NBA player has had two jersey numbers retired by the same team?

11. How many Grand Slam titles did Andy Roddick win in his career?

12. Which Italian club had players win four consecutive Ballon d’Or awards between 1982 and 1985?

13. Who won last year’s PRO14 championship?

14. Which English football club’s nickname is The Clarets?

15. How many games did Japan win at the 2019 Rugby World Cup?

16. Who were they eventually defeated by?

17. How many Welsh counties compete in the County Cricket Championship?

18. Which NBA team does Kawhi Leonard play for?

19. Who is the current Olympic champion in women’s tennis?

20. Which is the only Canadian city that currently has an MLB team?

21. Footballer Christian Pulisic began his professional career in the youth academy of which German club?

22. Who plays their cricket at Wantage Road?

23. How many tennis Grand Slams did Andre Agassi win throughout his career?

24. NFL player Marquette King recently came under fire for tweeting he would “dominate” if he played in what sport?

25. The 110m hurdles sprint consists of how many individual hurdles?

26. How many countries had teams that participated in the 2019 Super Rugby competition?

27. How many Wimbledon titles did Steffi Graf win?

28. Who is the number-one ranked women’s golfer?

29. Who is the current manager of Swansea City?

30. How many Olympic medals did Cathy Freeman win?

Answers: 1. Edin Dzeko; 2. Queens Park Rangers; 3. Scotland; 4. Kenya; 5. Leyton Orient; 6. Japan; 7. Table Tennis; 8. Green Bay Packers; 9.Miami Heat and Orlando Magic; 10. Kobe Bryant; 11. One (2003 US Open); 12. Juventus; 13. Leinster; 14. Burnley; 15. Four; 16. South Africa; 17. One (Glamorgan); 18. LA Clippers; 19. Monica Puig; 20. Toronto; 21; 21. Borussia Dortmund; 22. Northamptonshire; 23. Eight; 24. Rugby; 25. 10; 26. Five (Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Argentina, Japan); 27. Seven; 28. Ko Jin-young; 29. Steve Cooper; 30. Two.