Quiz: Test your sporting knowledge, July 2

South Africa's Ernie Els celebrates winning the 2012 Open Championship at Royal Lytham & St Annes

South Africa's Ernie Els celebrates winning the 2012 Open Championship at Royal Lytham & St Annes - Credit: PA

With the Premier League back in action after more than three months away due to the coronavirus pandemic, why not celebrate with another sports quiz?

Here are some of the latest posers from Press Association, with the answers at the bottom. No cheating!

1. How many teams compete in Serie A?

2. In what year did David Beckham debut for Real Madrid?

3. Prior to joining Real Madrid, Beckham was reportedly close to signing for which rival Spanish club?

4. How many regular-season games does each team play in Super League?

5. True or false. The Toronto Huskies were one of the 11 teams that featured in the inaugural NBA season in 1946.

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6. Which famous tennis player made headlines by announcing he had tested positive for coronavirus after hosting an exhibition tournament?

7. Which country recently withdrew their bid to host the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup?

8. What is the name of Premier League club Burnley’s home stadium?

9. Which team defeated New England in the Super Bowl after the Patriots went undefeated through the 2007 regular season?

10. Who was the quarterback of that team?

11. Which Premier League club plays at the Vitality Stadium?

12. Who is the current coach of the Irish national rugby team?

13. Who are the reigning Super League champions?

14. Which Australian city hosted the Hopman Cup tennis tournament from from 1989 to 2019?

15. The Derby d’Italia is played between which two teams?

16. Kevin Garnett won the 2008 NBA Championship with which team?

17. In which country would you find the Royal County Down Golf Club?

18. Bianca Andreescu competes in which sport?

19. How many times have West Ham won the FA Cup?

20. From which club did Manchester United sign forward Anthony Martial?

21. How many majors has South African golfer Ernie Els won?

22. Who did Novak Djokovic beat in the 2019 Wimbledon final?

23. In which city is Headingley cricket ground?

24. What is the highest ever score in a Six Nations match?

25. Which Premier League team is managed by Eddie Howe?

26. Which football team plays at Deepdale?

27. Which side have won the most Challenge Cups in the competition’s history?

28. Who was the last man bar Usain Bolt to win the Olympic gold medal in 100m?

29. In which year did the Tour de France start in Yorkshire?

30. How many times was Michael Jordan an NBA champion?

Answers: 1. 20; 2. 2003; 3. Barcelona; 4. 29; 5. True; 6. Novak Djokovic; 7. Japan; 8. Turf Moor; 9. New York Giants; 10. Eli Manning; 11. AFC Bournemouth; 12. Andy Farrell; 13. St Helens; 14. Perth; 15. Inter Milan and Juventus; 16. Boston; 17. Northern Ireland; 18. Tennis; 19. Three; 20. Monaco; 21; Four; 22. Roger Federer; 23. Leeds; 24. 80 (England v Italy, 2001); 25. Bournemouth; 26. Preston; 27. Wigan; 28. Justin Gatlin; 29. 2014; 30. Six.