Trampoline coach bidding to launch clubs in Chatteris and Ely

COACH Andie Buckley is hoping to turn “recreational bouncers” into world class competitors by launching trampolining classes in Chatteris and Ely.

Buckley, who lives in Chatteris, is the head coach and founder of the Cambridge Aspire Trampoline Academy, which has more than 150 members.

She now wants to start satellite clubs in Chatteris, Ely and Newmarket to “offer the same opportunities to children in the area”.

Buckley said: “Cambridge Aspire is going from strength to strength, with options for progression from recreational bouncer to regional competitor, national competitor and even world class competitor.”

Some of the club’s youngsters have their sights set on future Olympics, while others have gone on to train as coaches.

Cambridge Aspire sealed their most successful competitive year by claiming 14 individual medals and six team prizes at a competition hosted by the Fenland Flyers in Wisbech.

For more information on Cambridge Aspire, or to register an interest in becoming a member of a club in Chatteris, Ely or Newmarket, e-mail