Wait wins Vet 45 prize as March Athletic Club stars tackle Thorney five-mile race

FIFTEEN members of March Athletic Club competed in the Thorney five-mile race on Sunday.

Andrew Larham (31.53 minutes) was first home for the club in 34th while Debra Wait (35.26 minutes) won the Vet 45 prize after finishing 66th in a field of 214 runners.

Results in full: Andrew Larham, 34th, 31.53; Debra Wait, 66th, 35.26; Mick Stacey, 68th, 35.36; Darren Moat, 80th, 36.19; Lynn Summerfield, 100th, 37.31; Geraldine Emmins, 104th, 38.07; Robert Bird, 125th, 40.36; Michelle Seward, 144th, 43.53; Keith Saward, 155th, 46.37; Pat Brown, 167th, 48.01; Nicola Stacey, 184th, 50.30; Fay Scrivener, 188th, 50.44; Tony Wibley, 192nd, 51.27; Sue Bird, 203rd, 58.03 and Sue Ward, 204th, 58.07

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