Whaley on returning as March Town United boss: ‘I’m back to finish what I started’

MARCH Town United’s new manager Brett Whaley has returned to the club to finish the job that he started almost four years ago.

Whaley spent two seasons as Hares boss before leaving the club in 2009. He’s returned to replace Jamie Weston who ended his two-year spell as first team boss a fortnight ago.

Whaley, 34, said: “It’s nice to be back because I like it at the club and I felt completely at home here.

“I left at a time when I had a little’un on the way and I couldn’t commit to the travelling and what was needed at this level of football. To be fair I’ve missed the place.

“When I took over we were bottom of the table, we had no players and

it was a rebuilding process. Two years into that we were ready to kick on. I brought Jamie here and he ended up doing that.

“However, it’s a job that I feel I started and now I’ve come back to finish it.”

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Whaley, from Yaxley, bossed Peterborough Premier League side Ramsey Town until last October before becoming assistant manager at United Counties Premier League side Deeping Rangers.

He said: “There’s a handful of players still here from before and I know I’ve got the basis of a good first team squad.

“Moving to a couple of clubs has allowed me to have a look at other players that can complement what we’ve got. Hopefully the lads will see that I’m a better manager than before I left. I’m not saying it’s going to be easy this time round but I think we’ll be looking at moving forward up the league rather than keeping our eyes behind us.”

Hares chairman Phil White said: “There’s no doubt that we’ve got the man that we want. It’s an easy decision to make because Brett knows what this club’s all about.”