'We can't stand still' - co-chairman on taking Whittlesey to next level

Whittlesey Athletic co-chairman Dave Moore has spoken about club development plans

Dave Moore, co-chairman at Whittlesey Athletic FC, hopes he can help provide some of the best facilities the club has ever had and in the town. - Credit: Zoom/Dave Moore

He said he wanted to take Whittlesey Athletic FC to the next level, and now, its co-chairman is confident the club can continue pushing in its bid to provide some of the best facilities in the town. 

So far, it’s thought the club has spent at least £200,000 on developments, including the original facilities, at their Feldale Field home, such as new floodlights, pitch improvements and installing Covid-secure measures

Whittlesey have also applied for a grant of £25,000 as part of the Buildbase community club award in order to provide improved changing facilities and finish work on a renovated clubhouse. 

The club does not know if it has been successful with the grant, but if not, co-chairman Dave Moore has already got a back-up plan. 

A new stand was installed at Whittlesey Athletic's Feldale Field ground in 2020.

The club has already spent funds on improvements such as floodlights, pitch upgrading and a new stand (pictured). - Credit: Supplied/Dave Moore

“We are always actively searching for funding streams and financial support as we strive to offer the best facilities we can for the club and town itself,” he said. 

“We aren’t expecting to be successful with the Buildbase grant so no plan to use that for phase two.  

“The clubhouse will be finished courtesy of assigned funds in place alongside time donations and any other help we can get.” 

Moore said Athletic have started ‘phase two’ of improvements, which is to finish the clubhouse, a project he feels will be “a game changer” in helping boost revenue into the club. 

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Whittlesey, who also received £4,700 as part of the Government’s £300 million Sport Winter Survival package, also want to provide a second changing facility for its women’s team and other sides using the club’s second pitch. 

Whittlesey Athletic FC's women's team line up to face Peterborough United in an FA Cup tie

It is hoped that Whittlesey Athletic FC's women's team (pictured) can benefit from a new changing facility in future. - Credit: Robert Windle

“We are keen to add a second set of changing facilities which will primarily be used for the ladies and for when we can host multiple matches at the same time,” Moore said. 

“We are planning the next stages now and hope to have an application submitted for approval shortly.

"With this in mind, I suspect the Buildbase grant, were we to be successful, will be allocated to this project.” 

Talks have begun on improving the car park surface with ideas to enhance the surface and expand its area. 

But although some plans are not set in stone, Moore believes the club will meet its aims. 

“With Whittlesey growing and our ambitions as a club pushing us forward, we can’t stand still,” he said. 

“I believe it’s an exciting time to be involved in local sport, in particular within football and our club, and hope to be able to share more exciting developments in the future.”