Wisbech boxer tipped for the top after stunning Mid-Anglia display

WISBECH boxer Markos Mylozis has been tipped for the top after an �excellent display in his debut senior bout.

Mylozis, 17, had convincingly won just four junior bouts before stepping into the ring with the RAF’s Tom Windsor at a mid-Anglia show at St Ives.

But he dominated his older and more experienced �opponent and won a unanimous decision – before winning the show’s best boxer award.

Club secretary Saphire Lee said: “This lad is an up and coming star at the club and he boxed superb. He has got such a lovely temperament and he is a real credit to the club.

“A lot of people at the show, including the MC, came up to us at the end of the night and said Markos is a star in the making.”

There was also a majority victory for Jack Gleaves against All Comers boxer Joe McGrory.

Lee said: “Jack boxed very well. He only signed up for the bout at the 11th hour – he had boxed the week before and only had a few days’ rest but somebody dropped out.”

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However, there was a majority defeat for Shahbaz Aslan against St Ives boxer Hayden Beasley.

Lee said: “We really thought we had won it but that’s –boxing. He boxed brilliantly but didn’t get the decision.

“Shahbaz had boxed him before and beat him but that’s the power of the home crowd for you.”