Whittlesey sisters walk off with impressive medal haul

Twin sisters Roxy and Robyn Briggs celebrate

Twin sisters Roxy and Robyn Briggs celebrate - Credit: Nisaa Brown

Three sisters from Whittlesey came home from the WKO English Championships with plenty of medals at the weekend.

The trio learn kickboxing, sport karate and boxing at the Inspired Martial Arts Club and travelled to Barnsley to compete.

Six-year-old twins Roxy and Robyn Briggs battled it out in three different finals, in kickboxing, continuous kickboxing and boxing, with Roxy winning all three English titles.

Despite being one of the lightest and smallest fighters in the competition, Roxy also finished seventh in the top fighters category - having received her belt as Grand Prix 2021 champion as well.

Jasmin Brown celebrates her success

Jasmin Brown celebrates her success - Credit: Nisaa Brown

Older sister Jasmin Brown finished second in her category at the same event to complete an impressive haul of seven medals for the family.