SATURDAY RIDGEONS LEAGUE – Premier Division: Histon Res 0, Ipswich Wanderers 1; King s Lynn Res 1, Harwich/Parkeston 1; Leiston 0, Kirkley 1; Norwich Utd 1, Dereham Town 1; Soham Town Rangers 1, Clacton Town 0; Wisbech Town 7, Halstead 1 (att 205); Woodbr


RIDGEONS LEAGUE - Premier Division: Histon Res 0, Ipswich Wanderers 1; King's Lynn Res 1, Harwich/Parkeston 1; Leiston 0, Kirkley 1; Norwich Utd 1, Dereham Town 1; Soham Town Rangers 1, Clacton Town 0; Wisbech Town 7, Halstead 1 (att 205); Woodbridge Town 4, Cambridge City Res 1; Wroxham 0, Diss Town 0.

Division One: Debenham LC 1, Cornard Utd 0; Downham Town 1, Tiptree Utd 3; Ely City 1, Long Melford 1; Fulbourn Institute 2, Felixstowe and Walton Utd 3; Gorleston 1, Haverhill Rovers 3; Gt Yarmouth Town 0, Saffron Walden Town 2; March Town Utd 1, Whitton Utd 1 (att 61); Stanway Rovers 1, Fakenham Town 0; Swaffham Town 2, Hadleigh Utd 2; Thetford Town 2, Stowmarket Town 2; Walsham-le-Willows 2, Godmanchester Rovers 0.

KERSHAW SENIOR A - Bluntisham Rangers 1, Wisbech Town Res 3.

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MARSHALL PETERBOROUGH AND DISTRICT LEAGUE - Peugeot Premier Division: Leverington 1 (Bird), Stamford Bels 4; Long Sutton Athletic 0, Alconbury 1; Oundle Town 2, Crowland Town 0; Parson Drove 3 (Cozens, Secker, Thomas), Ortonians 5; Perkins 1, Whittlesey Utd 2 (Baxter, Martin); Peterborough Sports 0, Hotpoint 6; Pinchbeck Utd 1, Moulton Harrox 2; Wimblington Obs 2, Uppingham Town 2.

Jaguar Division One: Deeping Sports 2, Gedney Hill 0; Netherton Utd 2, Ryhall Utd 0; Ramsey Town 3, King's Cliffe Utd 1; Silver Jubilee 1, Rutland Rangers 3; Werrington Town 3, Ketton 2; Woodlands 9, Sutton Bridge Utd 1 (Speechley).

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Vauxhall Division Two: Doddington Utd 0, Stilton Utd 4; Emneth Seniors 2, Coates Athletic 6 (Middleton, Moore 4, Wenham); Farcet Utd 4, Guyhirn 2; March St Marys 2 (Day, Revell), Eye Sports (Ebbage) 1;Warboys 4, Peterborough Rovers 0.

Marshall Combination League - Honda Division One: Hotpoint Reserves 7, Peterborough Northern Star Res 2; Moulton Harrox Res 6, Long Sutton Res 0; Ortonians Res 9, Ramsey Town Res 1; Stamford Bels Res 1, Deeping Sports Res 5; Werrington Town Res 0, Oundle Town Res 1; Whittlesey Utd Res 3 (Heron, Laud, Quince), Parson Drove Res 0.

Toyota Division Two: Ketton Res 0, Peterborough Sports Res 10; King's Cliffe Res 0, Alconbury Res 1; Netherton Utd Res 6, Wimblington Harriers Res 3 (Jones, Paine 2); Uppingham Town Res 4, Leverington A 1 (Sollitt); Wimblington OBs Res 0, Crowland Town Res 2; Woodlands Res 2, Langtoft Utd Res 1.

Land Rover Division Three: Chatteris Town A 4 (Pacey, Smalley 2, Wilkinson), Stamford Bels A 4; Coates Ath Res 5, Rutland Rangers Res 2; Eye Sports Res 4, Ramsey Town A 3; Silver Jubilee Res 6, Manea Utd Res 2 (Brammer 2); Sutton Bridgfe Res 1 (Wilson), Doddington Res 1 (Cole).

CAMBS BIS LEAGUE - Division One B: Outwell Swifts 4, Godmanchester Rovers Res 4.

Division Three B: Wisbech St Mary 3, Lakenheath Res 2.

Division Four B: Mepal Sports 0, Wisbech St Mary Res 2.

Division Five B: Cottenham Utd B 2, Outwell Swifts Res 0; March Rangers 4, Coldham Utd 1; Wisbech St Mary A 3, Little Downham Swifts Res 3.

CAMBS JUNIOR CUP - Chatteris Fen Tigers 1 (Cowdry), Wimblington Harriers 5 (Daplyn, Eggleton, Kightly, Parrish, og); Chatteris Town 1 (Wright), March Town Res 0; Leverington Res 0, Thorney 3; Griffin Park 5, Manea Utd 1..

LYNN AND ISLE COMBINATION LEAGUE - Tydd Utd 3 (S Procter, R Gunns, Ash Doncaster), Bell Wanderers 3; MPP Holdings 1 (P Satt), Wisbech Fen Stars 3 (R Hunt, L Summers, C Parsons); Supercue 9, Wisbech St Mary B 1.

BOSTON CROPLEY'S SUZUKI LEAGUE - Division One: Spilsby town Res 1, Gedney Drove End 6; Sutterton 1, Tydd St Mary 0.

FENLAND AND DISTRICT LEAGUE - U11 - March Soccer School girls 0, North Lynn girls 0; Cup: March Soccer School 6, Three Holes 0.

U10: Three Holes 1, Chatteris A 2; Lutton 1, March Soccer School 2 Wisbech St Mary Purple 7, Wisbech Acorns 0.

U9 Cup: First round: Hungate 0, Chatteris B 1; March Soccer School A 7, Three Holes 0; Wisbech St Mary Yellow 0, Wisbech St Mary Purple 6.

U8: Wisbech Acorns 3, March Soccer School A 5; Wasps 1, Three Holes 10; Whittlesey 0, Wisbech St Mary Purple 9.

U7 Cup: Three Holes 0, Hungate Yellows 22; Wisbech St Mary 7, Hungate Green 1..

Friendly: St Ives Rangers U11 1, March Soccer School U11 10.


WEBB'S OF LEVERINGTON NEWSPAPER DELIVERY SERVICE WISBECH AND DISTRICT SUNDAY LEAGUE - League Cup - Quarter-finals: Old White Bell 2, Crown 5 (J Secker 4, A Alexander); King's Head 1, Denver 3; England's Hope 6, Hilgay 1.

Sports Cup - Live and Let Live 1 (og), Cock Inn 8 (J Harness 3, A Brown 3, K Daplyn, J Sutton).

League - Tilney 2 (J Webber, J Pease), Upwell 0.

PETERBOROUGH JUNIOR ALLIANCE LEAGUE - Division Two: Wisbech St Mary Purples 19, Netherton Swifts 0.

FENLAND AND DISTRICT LEAGUE - U18s girls cup: March Rangers 5, Chatteris 1.

U15: Chatteris Girls 3, Coates 0; Whittlesey girls 3, March Leverets 4; Hungate girls Yellow 2, Wisbech St Mary Yellow 0.

U13 Cup: Wisbech Town Acorns girls 2, Reffley Girls 0.

CAMBS AND DISTRICT COLTS LEAGUE Under 12 Knock Out Cup - Round Two: Huntingdon Rowdies 3, Chatteris Town Youth 1.

Under 11A: Bluntisham Rangers 5, Chatteris Town Youth 2. Under 12E: Chatteris Town Youth B 1, Mildenhall Town 6. Under 13C: Priory Parkside B 2, Chatteris Town Youth 2. Under 13E: Royston Eagles 4, Benwick Athletic 1. Under 13F: Sawston Utd Yth 12, Wimblington Yth 4. Under 14C: Alconbury 2, Chatteris Town Youth 2. Under 15D: Bottisham 3, Chatteris Town Youth 7. Under 16B: Soham Town 1, Chatteris Town Youth 2. Under 16C: Lt Paxton 3, Benwick Athletic 1. Under 16D: Alconbury 3, Chatteris Town Youth B 1;

MID-NORFOLK LEAGUE - U15B: Three Holes 0, Watlington 2.

U14: A Knockout Cup - Heacham 4, Downham 1. Sub Cup - Swaffham 0, Reffley Rovers 10. B: Terrington 9, Three Holes/Upwell 0.

U14 Sub cup: East Lynn 1, Hungate Yellow 9. U13: East Lynn B 1, Leverington/Bridgecroft 4; B: Three Holes 15, Shouldham B 0. U11: Hungate 4, Downham 2; Hungate girls Green 2, Clenchwarton 8.


RIDGEONS LEAGUE - Premier Division: Lowestoft 3, Cambridge City Res 2; Soham Town Res v Mildenhall (postponed).



RIDGEONS LEAGUE - Premier Division: Wisbech Town v Norwich Utd (3pm).

Division One: Godmanchester Rovers v March Town Utd (3pm, D M Stobbart).

KERSHAW SENIOR A - Soham Town Rangers Res v Wisbech Town Res, 3pm.

MARSHALL PETERBOROUGH AND DISTRICT LEAGUE (2pm) - Premier Peugeot: Oundle Town v Long Sutton Aths (S J Goose), Parson Drove FC v Perkins Sports (P J Gale), Stamford Belvedere v Wimblington Old Boys (G D Chapman), Whittlesey Utd v Pinchbeck Utd (G S Nicholls).

Jaguar Division One: Gedney Hill v Ryhall Utd (P Goodacre), Sutton Bridge Utd v Ketton (J A Bedford), Werrington Town v Chatteris Town (I J Ward).

Vauxhall Division Two: Coates Athletic v Stilton Utd (D Pywell), Doddington Utd v Farcet Utd FC (D P Stapleton), Emneth Seniors v Chatteris Fen Tigers (P Dobbs), Eye Sports and Social v Guyhirn (P Shepherd), March St Marys v Manea Utd (A Bates).

MARSHALL COMBINATION LEAGUE - Honda Division One: Deeping Sports Res v Parson Drove Res FC (J A Bartlett), Long Sutton Ath Res v Oundle Town Res (P Hayes), Perkins Sports Res v Whittlesey Utd Res (K H Topping).

Toyota Division Two: Chatteris Town Res v Crowland Town Res, Leverington Sports A v Gedney Hill Res (T Darnes), Wimblington Harriers Res v Wimblington Old Boys Res (C Jackson).

Landrover Division Three: Chatteris Town A v Sutton Bridge Utd Res (I Hayes), Netherton Utd A v Coates Aths Res (W P Capes), Pinchbeck Utd Res v Doddington Utd Res (J Thorold), Rutland Rangers Res v Manea Utd Res (J Codling).

PFA SENIOR CUP - Round two: Peterborough Sports v Leverington Sports (A Barks).

CAMBS JUNIOR CHALLENGE CUP - Round four: Litlington v Wimblington Harriers, Leverington Sports Res v Waterbeach Res.

REG HAIGH/A PECK CUP - Round two: Wisbech St Mary A v Fulbourn S and S Club (C E Moat).

PYE YOUTH CUP - Round two: Benwick Athletic Youth v Aztecs Junior, Comberton Crusaders v Whittlesey Athletic (10.30am).

CAMBS BIS LEAGUE - Division One B: Buckden v Outwell Swifts (F Kicman, March Town Utd Res v Bottisham Sports.

Division Three B: West Row Gunners Res v Wisbech St Mary (G H Masterston).

Division Four B: Wisbech St Mary Res v St Ives Town A.

Division Five B: Outwell Swifts Res v March Rangers.

LYNN AND ISLE COMBINATION LEAGUE (2pm) - Bell Wanderers v Supercue (T Buckenham), Clarkson v Wisbech Fen Stars (N Flatt), Wisbech St Mary B v MPP Holdings.

MID-NORFOLK MINI LEAGUE - U11: Tilney v Leverington/Bridgecroft Boys, 10.30am.


WEBBS OF LEVERINGTON NEWSPAPER DELIVERY SERVICE WISBECH AND DISTRICT LEAGUE (10.30am) - Knockout Cup - Quarter-finals - Acre v Crown, Kings Head v Queens Head, Denver v England's Hope, Tilney v Old White Bell.

Posh Cup - Fenland Wanderers v Cock Inn, Hilgay v Upwell.

MID-NORFOLK LEAGUE (10.30am) U11: East Lynn v Hungate, Walpole v Fakenham.

Under 12 A: Hungate v The Woottons.

Under 13 A: Hungate v Brandon, Mundford v Terrington. B (2.30pm): Leverington/Bridgecroft v West Winch WB, Shouldham B v Walpole, Snettisham v Three Holes.

Under 14 A: Hungate Yellow v Dereham Wanderers, Woottons v Hungate Green. B: North Elmham v Three Holes and Upwell, Reffley Rovers v Terrington.

Under 15 A: West Winch v Terrington, Hungate v Litcham. B: Wells v Three Holes and Upwell A.

CAMBS AND DISTRICT COLTS LEAGUE - Under 12A: Bluntisham Rangers v Chatteris Town Youth, Under 12E: Needingworth Colts B v Chatteris Town Youth B, Under 13C: Chatteris Town Youth v Spartak 78. Under 13E: Benwick Athletic v Eaton Socon Colts. Under 15D: Chatteris Town Youth v Ende Dynamos. Under 16B: Ramsey Colts v Chatteris Town Youth. Under 16D: Godmanchester Rovers B v Chatteris Town Youth B, Under 11 Knock Out Cup - Round Two: Chatteris Town Youth v Histon Hornets B,

Under 14 Knock Out Cup - Round Two: Camb Musketeers v Chatteris Town Yth, Wimblington Youth v Eaton Socon Colts.

Under 17 Knock Out Cup - Round Two: Benwick Athletic v Gamlingay Utd.


RIDGEONS YOUTH LEAGUE - North Division: King's Lynn v Wisbech Town (M Parker).


RIDGEONS YOUTH PLATE - Second round: Downham Town v Blackstones or March.

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