Alice the musical opens in Wisbech next week with the promise of a key to Wonderland

ALICE in Wonderland meets Alice in Musicaland in Wisbech next week.

This musical is based on Lewis Carroll’s classic story of the young Alice and her fantastic adventures in a wonderland crammed full of weird and wonderful characters.

Alice in Musicaland is full of compelling and memorable tunes, by Mike Smith and Vernon Mound, which allow each of the famous characters the space to show off their individual idiosyncrasies, wit and mood. This in turn provides the opportunity for a number of actors to take centre stage and show off their individual talents and skills.

Startled by the White Rabbit, Alice falls down a hole and finds a number of doors leading to … who knows where. A key eventually opens one door, the door to Wonderland.

Here she meets: the spaced out Caterpillar; the Walrus and the Carpenter; the rude Duchess, Cook and Cheshire Cat; the Mad Hatter, March Hare and Dormouse; the Playing Cards painting roses red; the wicked Queen and King of Hearts; the hip Turtle and Gryphon; the Knave of Hearts (who stole the tarts) and the Reverend Dodgson who helps keep the adventures move along.

Alice is played by a young 14 year old Danielle Beare who according to director Emlyn Moment “absolutely lives and breathes the part. Danielle is the archetypal Alice in Wonderland and is a pleasure to work with.”

The musical is a past winner of the Barclay’s Theatre Award, has been performed on TV and radio and has been featured several times at the Edinburgh Festival.

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RATz present Alice in Musicaland from Wednesday April 13 April to Saturday 23 April at the Angles Theatre, Wisbech.

Box office is 01945 47 44 47.

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