Chatteris photographer holds solo exhibition in March Library

CHATTERIS based photographer Rob Morris will be holding a solo exhibition at March Library Until Saturday June 19.

The framed images are all monochrome including black and white and sepia. The majority of images are limited edition prints and will cover a range of subjects many of which would be suitable as Fathers Day Gifts.

This is the first fully monochrome exhibition that Rob has done and includes both film and digital originated work. Rob works extensively for a range of clients both in the UK and abroad as well as his personal work which makes up this exhibition. Although a fan of colour images many of which use saturated colour Rob also likes the way that monochrome is timeless in its appeal and allows the viewer to connect in a different way to how one would look at colour.

He believes that venues like libraries enable a much wider audience to see his work than would otherwise see it if he only exhibited in galleries. He is always happy to discuss his work and the way he sees the world.

Rob is a Licentiate of the Royal Photographic Society as well as a member of the Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers and the Society of International Media and Press Photographers.

He is Chair of Fenland Visual Art Collective and Vice Chair of Fenland Arts Association. More of his work can be seen on the website or he can be contacted on 07935204209 to discuss the services he offers.