7 free things to do in Cambridgeshire

A skeleton of an ostrich foot behind glass.

We've put together a list of things to do for free in Cambridgeshire. - Credit: Emőke Dénes on Creative Commons

In a world saturated with inflated fuel costs, hiked energy prices and struggling post-pandemic businesses, many are feeling the financial strain.

We can no longer afford lavish days out, spending large amounts on activities and places to visit.

Despite this, we are still able to go out and enjoy ourselves, regardless of the financial burdens that we are under.

This is because Cambridgeshire is blessed with a large amount of free activities that will not only save us money, but also provide an engaging day out for the whole family.

We've put together a list of free activities to enjoy from across the county.

1. Hinchingbrooke Country Park, Huntingdon

Covering 170 acres of grassland, Hinchingbrooke Country Park in Huntingdon contains multiple amenities including a café and countryside centre.

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Two large lakes totalling 36 acres are present in the park, along with smaller ponds and a brook.

Grassland covers around 71 acres of the park and plays host to a wide variety of wildlife.

A wood covers a further 63 acres of the park, featuring an oak plantation and 'Bob's Wood', a large hornbeam dominated area.

2. Babylon Arts Gallery, Ely

Babylon Arts is an organisation in Ely that celebrates art in all its forms, from film to paintings.

The centre's art gallery is free to enter, although a small donation is welcome.

A brick building by the river in Ely.

Entrance to Babylon Arts Gallery is free, and events are held throughout the year. - Credit: Google - By Owner

The independent charity is located on Ely's picturesque riverside, and holds events throughout the year.

A number of arts projects are also supported by the organisation.

3. Polar Museum, Cambridge

The Scott Polar Research Institute runs a Polar Museum in Cambridge which is open between Thursday and Saturday each week.

Featuring exhibits on both Antarctic and Arctic exploration, the museum is filled with a wide selection of artefacts from multiple expeditions into the cold wildernesses at both of Earth's poles.

The Polar Museum contains a number of exhibitions which pay tribute to Arctic cultures, such as that of Alaska, Siberia and Greenland.

The venue also hosts a variety of events, such as 'The Art of Science' workshops and 'Postcards to the Planet'.

4. Walpole Water Garden, Wisbech

Walpole Water Garden in Wisbech is a small 3/4 acre garden that is "unique in the UK". 

Sheltered from the wind and south-facing, the garden acts as a suntrap and there is even a licensed bar.

A gallery and tea room are also present, with a restaurant coming soon.

The garden is described as a "tropical oasis" and is open Wednesday to Sunday every week, along with bank holiday Mondays.

5. Sedgewick Museum of Earth Sciences, Cambridge

Sedgewick Museum of Earth Sciences, in Cambridge, has a large number of collections in a similar fashion to London's Natural History Museum.

Dinosaur fossils, mineral rocks and ancient building stones are examples of the artefacts available to view at the museum.

Multiple exhibitions come and go at the venue, such as 'Arthropleura: The World’s Largest Millipede' in which fossils can be viewed of the 2.6m long animal.

Family activities such as puzzles, a poetry board, colouring stations and exploration trails are also available.

6. Jubilee Gardens, Ely

Jubilee Gardens on the Ely riverside is a public park with large open spaces and play areas for all the family to enjoy.

Events - such as riverside concerts from local bands, the Eel Festival and Aquafest - take place at the Gardens throughout the year. 

A stone with writing on it, ahead of a colourful garden and gravel path.

Ely's Jubilee Gardens has won the Green Flag Award on multiple occasions. - Credit: karl.bedingfield on Creative Commons

Ely's Eel Trail also runs through the park, which visits many sites throughout the city.

The Gardens has won the Green Flag Award multiple times, described as "the benchmark international standard for publicly accessible parks and green spaces".

7. The Cromwell Museum, Huntingdon

The Cromwell Museum in Huntingdon is home to a collection of items relating to the life of English Civil War leader Oliver Cromwell.

Over 800 items are displayed, including armour, portraits and weapons.

The museum is set in what was once Huntingdon Grammar School, where Cromwell was educated as a child.

A number of exhibitions and events, such as 'Cromwell's Navy' and 'Cromwell Crafts', are held throughout the year.