REVIEW: Full of dark humour and bloody action scenes, Deadpool 2 is more than your average superhero movie

Deadpool 2

Deadpool 2 - Credit: Archant

Straight from the James-Bond-spoofing credits - complete with an emotive soundtrack, tongue in cheek credits and Deadpool himself being showered in gold paint, you know that this sequel isn’t taking itself too seriously.

It comes moments after a brilliantly shot set piece involving multiple knives and lots of blood - typical Deadpool, then; the slow motion effects adding brilliantly to the action and intensity.

The one liners are witty and genuinely funny too; when our hero is taken to the prison-like Ice Box where his superpowers are drained, Deadpool wonders which gang he’ll be in, asking “is there a sorting hat?”

Joining the ‘X Men’ as a trainee - as he’s constantly reminded - Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds as foul-mouthed mutant mercenary Wade Wilson) is considered a hero after rescuing a young boy with fiery superpowers who wants to escape from his abusive ability-sucking headmaster and teacher.

Meanwhile Cable, a cyber-eyed “grumpy old soldier” villain from the future armed with massive guns and tonnes of grenades (played mercilessly by Josh Brolin) is on his way to unleash hell.

And the bone-breaking violence that ensues as a result is stitched together perfectly. A recurring aside joke about whether dubstep’s still cool in the future erupts a brief interlude of Skrillex’s decade-old ‘Bangarang’ - it’s the quirky little asides like this that you don’t get with most other superhero movies that makes it stand out.

And with Deadpool regularly breaking out of character to give to-camera explanations of what the audience have just watched means, it’s a clever device that’s very rarely used in blockbuster movies.

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Watching Deadpool and laugh-out-loud bar mate Weasel (an effortlessly hilarious T.J. Miller) interview potential superheroes with questionable names for his team to protect young Firefist (Julian Dennison) gets funnier with each audition. Especially Peter who doesn’t have any powers but still makes the “gender neutral” X Force squad; subtly nodding at topical real-world debates.

With a knowing look at film fans, who have long called for more female superheroes, Domino (Zazie Beetz) is the only one of the team to land their parachute and then show why her ‘lady luck’ superpower is more badass than any of the guys that get in her way. It doesn’t take long to see that she could carry her own franchise of films singlehandedly.

Deadpool 2 is now showing at The Light Cinema in Wisbech. Visit for screening dates, times and tickets.

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