Debut album for Witchford Voices

FORMED in February 2010, Witchford Voices is now a well established community choir, with a flourishing reputation.

Comprising 75 local singers from all walks of life, this exciting choir performs a broad spectrum of song from Latin pieces to Coldplay, Enya to U2. Oozing personality and a sense of fun, Witchford Voices have combined inspirational sound and admirable stagecraft. In July 2011 they release their much anticipated debut album. With pre-orders in the hundreds, their fan base is clearly keen to get their hands on the CD.

The community ethos is particularly important to Witchford Voices, illustrated by their desire to include their fans and others in the choosing of the debut album title. With hundreds of title suggestions flocking in, the decision process was by no means easy. The winning title though says everything about the choir. Priding themselves on being just ordinary people singing for the fun of it, the suggestion of “People Like You” ticked all of the right boxes. Mr Chris Grant, author of the winning title said “I wanted to come up with an idea that said something about the choir. Witchford Voices have a unique identity, a “common man” identity if you like. They are just normal people like you and me - the sound they produce though is simply stunning. They are people like us, but they choose to sing, and they do it very well”.

With the album title decided and the choir spending much time in the recording studio, the only thing now to do is to find a distribution channel for the album. If you can help with the retailing of “People Like You”, Witchford Voices would love to hear from you.

For more details about the album, or to reserve your copies of “People Like You” please contact the choir at . CD’s are on sale at �10 each, or �7.50 each for multiples of two or more.

Witchford Voices can be seen live at St Andrew’s Church Witchford on July 18 and 19 and at St Mary’s, Ely on July 21. Further details of these concerts can be found at or by contacting