Deluded diva Florence - the true story of the life of the world’s worst opera singer

Florence Foster Jenkins

Florence Foster Jenkins - Credit: Archant

Imagine a Britain’s Got Talent Star with a voice so bad they become compelling to listen to.

Florence Foster Jenkins

Florence Foster Jenkins - Credit: Archant

Now make them a wealthy heiress and take that thought back in time to 1940’s America and you have some idea of what Florence Foster Jenkins is about.

The all star cast for this delightful true story is headed up by Meryl Streep in the title role with Hugh Grant as her failed actor partner.

Florence is a well-heeled patron of the arts in New York and dreams of becoming an opera singer – her only downfall being that she has an appalling singing voice.

Never one to let talent get in her way, and blissfully unaware of how awful she is, the endearing socialite pays for singing lessons with America’s finest conductor at great expense.

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She then hires an up and coming young pianist to accompany her and with the help of her doting, if somewhat wayward partner, achieves what seems an impossible feat, performs at the city’s finest concert hall.

The film lays it out plain and simple – everybody wants the grand dame’s cash - so they swallow their pride and pay court to Jenkins by pretending to not notice how terrible she really is.

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In equal measure, however, and in a very British way of championing the underdog, her fans began to love her for being so bad.

So much so that the five records she produced remain the biggest sellers for Melotone Recording Studios.

The film is an hour and 50 minutes of pure joy in this beautifully paced, sentimental period peek at possibly the world’s least gifted opera singer.

No crazy camera work, fast paced action or dramatic scenes, just a gentle romp through the life and times of a deluded diva.

Absolutely superb with fine acting. Highly recommended.


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