Enjoy displays of the old and new at 30th Fenland Country Fair this Bank Holiday weekend

VISITORS to the 30th Fenland Country Fair can enjoy a range of old and new displays of rural pastimes over the Bank Holiday weekend.

The traditional country fair takes place at Stow cum Quy on Sunday and Monday, with free entry for children under 11.

Organiser Malcolm Hall is keen to educate the next generation about some historic countryside crafts and rural pursuits.

He said: “I believe its really important that our young people don’t lose touch with the countryside and the traditional country ways – they need to understand how the countryside works and how food and farming fits together.”

Visitors can enjoy a wide range of displays and exhibits which are both entertaining and educational. The fair hosts a range of competitions, from the wildfowlers dog competition to the Cambridge Beekeepers honey competition.

Mr Hall, a former gamekeeper, said: “The sheepdog display often descends into chaos as the sheep don’t always do as they are told, but there is a serious message there about how the dogs are trained to manage livestock in the traditional way.”

On Monday there is a heavy horse show, where these magnificent creatures perform for a judge and the gathered crowd.

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Mr Hall said: “The older folk love to see the “heavies” because they enjoy reminiscing about the time when they tended the land, while youngsters are always astonished by the size of their feet.”

Despite its humble title, the stick show is often a popular display where visitors can enjoy watching exhibitors as they fashion ornately carved handles from unusual pieces of wood or horn.

Admission is �10 for adults, children under 11 go free and there is free parking. For further information visit www.fenlandfairs.com

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