REVIEW: Hobbs & Shaw is an exhilarating action-filled spin off from the Fast & Furious franchise

Mods and wraps! Customised cars were on display at The Light Cinema in Wisbech for the premiere of F

Mods and wraps! Customised cars were on display at The Light Cinema in Wisbech for the premiere of Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw. - Credit: Archant

An exhilarating and brilliantly ridiculous spin off from the Fast & Furious franchise, Hobbs & Shaw brings two of the biggest - and most bankable - names in Hollywood together for two hours and 20 minutes of relentlessly-paced high-octane action.

It's definitely less about the speedy supercars this time (though there is a great chase scene through London that has to be seen to be believed); instead it's a great way of pairing frenemies Dwayne The Rock Johnson and Jason Statham as an unlikely evil-fighting duo who have no choice but to team up to try and save the world from an apocalyptic virus.

Only there's something in their way - bulletproof Terminator-like bad guy (Idris Elba proving a perfect fit for the role of merciless villain Brixton who will stop at nothing to achieve his vision of the future).

It's full of humour and wit thanks to the childish hatred that the two protagonists share for one another; an early scene full of trash talk plays out like a throwback to The Rock's days on the WWE. It's their bickering - constantly fighting over who's the biggest man - that sets them back… but it becomes a very funny watch for the audience.

It's great to see Vanessa Kirby (The Crown and, more recently, Mission Impossible: Fallout) thrown into the mix, too, playing a CIA agent with some serious martial arts strength that you wouldn't want to mess with.

As ever, the film covers a lot of ground - London and Los Angeles to Moscow to Somoa - and the narrative feels a little too stretched at certain points, but that's to be expected as there's almost certainly going to be a sequel (probably a whole new series). It would be too good an opportunity to miss.

The destruction and cinematography, though ludicrous and unrealistic, is compelling and mesmerising - Hobbs & Shaw is a real escapist movie that will leave you on the edge of your seat for the sheer ridiculousness of what's unfolding on screen.

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