Fenland’s sheltered housing residents set to toast Queen’s Diamond Jubilee

RESIDENTS of Fenland’s sheltered housing schemes are preparing to toast the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee with a series of street parties.

Roddons Housing Association, part of the Circle Housing Group, has organised an event for more than 100 of its residents for June 13.

All Roddons’ sheltered residents are invited, and those who want to attend will be transported to Wisbech St Mary Community Centre to enjoy traditional party food and entertainment between 2–4.30pm.

Underneath the bunting, residents will take part in a jubilee-themed quiz and enjoy a collection of old photos of the area taken by historical photographer Lilian Ream.

Several other smaller street parties are to be held for residents in individual schemes.

Those living at Morton Avenue will start celebrating at 11.30am on June 5 (Tuesday), followed a week later, on June 12, by residents at Bradshaw Court and Springfield Avenue.

The Bradshaw Court event will take place between 2-4pm.

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Residents attending these parties will be contributing food, drinks and decorations to help make them a success.

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