It is a place I did not even know about until around a month ago, but intrigued me enough to try it out.

And fortunately, my fiancée and I were glad we visited our latest food venture in Stem & Glory on September 10.

The vegan restaurant, located under a five-minute walk from Cambridge rail station, happily welcomed us as we were directed to our table within minutes.

As we arrived, so too did friends and families, in what could act as a commuter hotspot for those feeling hungry on their way home.

Stem & Glory’s mantra relates to a “gloriously plant based” cuisine, which before studying the menu, you could tell by the dark green decor inside the restaurant.

The menu is split into small and large plates, and despite it being limited, the quality of the dishes was pleasing.

For starters, I opted for the BBQ cauliflower wings with a creamy ranch dip at a price of £7.50.

I was tentative in ordering this plate but the crunchy taste and size of the course made it worthwhile.

My fiancée chose the Korean ‘fish’ taco, consisting of blue corn taco shells filled with crispy king oyster mushroom fish, lime and ginger kohlrabi at £7.50.

With drinks at hand, we both fancied the dirty burger for our main course, including fermented cucumber and sriracha mayo with roasted potato fries.

Having previously tried a non-meat burger, I was doubtful whether this dish would be a success.

But as sauce oozed, encapsulated by a rich smoky flavour, this felt more valuable than £15.

It was lucky that a glass of The Kernel Table Beer, priced at £5, and a cocktail my fiancée had acted as much-needed coolants after both courses.

Staff were friendly, checked if we were happy during the meal and were time-efficient in between orders.

Stem & Glory, which aims to shift attitudes on plant-based cuisine, may not look attractive.

But if you want to experiment a more eco-friendly venue and possibly a change to your diet, this is worth a visit.

RATING: **** out of 5

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